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Why you should take yourself out on a date

Going to a restaurant as a party for one, sitting at a bar ordering drinks for one, visiting a bakery and getting some dessert for…you guessed it, only one. Some of us are afraid to be in places that are usually considered as only a social context. We don’t feel comfortable with the idea of being solo in a crowd of people. The reality is that there is nothing wrong nor weird with going out by yourself. When putting those thoughts aside, there are so many possibilities for highly rewarding alone-time. I often engage in planned-out dates by myself and these are the three main reasons why you should too:

Planning without others’ expectations

Making plans with a friend requires a give and take dynamic, where both sides need to reach an agreement. Planning a day for yourself can be exciting with the extra advantage of complete freedom of decision. Your schedule becomes the top priority, you decide when to leave and when to go back home. Even your picking out an outfit will be better! You can better enjoy the process of getting ready to go out since no one is waiting for you and there is no specific dress code or an expectation for what to wear. 

Deep thinking in a different setting

Whenever I’m dealing with a difficult situation, I often tend to fall in an uncomfortable cycle of overthinking. Laying in my bed or hanging in the backyard can be relaxing, but it’s way better to go out and get a change of environment. Having a casual picnic in the park, doing some thrift shopping, having brunch at a local market, these are all activities that are both enjoyable and offer a refreshing setting to reflect. The people in the background become secondary and you can get in touch with a peaceful feeling of anonymity. 

The art of people watching

As an introvert, people-watching is an activity I practice often, and I believe it’s something everyone should try out. The point is not to criticize nor to compare yourself to other people, but rather to see personalities, outfits, mannerisms, and just take in the overall environment of the place. You can learn so much about others and even about yourself. There’s also an emerging feeling of being more present at the moment. 

A date with yourself is like having a more upbeat version of alone time at home. It can be 100% catered to your needs at the moment and it lets you enjoy the place you currently live in. There are no guidelines and once you get used to it, it’ll come natural rather than awkward or weird.

Ligia Garcia

U Ottawa '23

Ligia is a Communication student at Uottawa and an active contributing writer at the school's chapter. She loves everything related to media, from following the latest TikTok trend to breaking down a movie's characters and themes.
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