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Throughout the seasons of You, we’ve gotten to see Joe find new women to be infatuated with. We also saw his love stories ending tragically, with him murdering both of his long-term relationship partners. Now he’s on to his third prey, but I think she’ll be making it through this season and won’t be a victim of Joe’s actions.

She knows Joe’s true colours

The unfortunate beginning for Joe’s love story: Marienne received information that is beneficial for her safety. Before Love was murdered, she informed Marienne of Joe’s true colours. She chose to listen and moved to Paris. Since she is already aware of his actions and problematic behaviour, she won’t be swayed by Joe’s usual charms. Because of this, she is able to be more cautious if she comes across him again, unlike Joe’s earlier victims. She’s also not as easily swayed because of the previous relationship she had with her ex, so she’s definitely on guard.

She has a kid

Joe has shown to be more empathetic for women with children, or women who have to take care of a child. In season one, when Paco’s mother was going through a tough time, he gave her space so Candace could help her withdraw. Even though he had his issues with his own mother, it seems like he doesn’t want to take kids away from what he perceives to be a kind and caring mother. He definitely seems to think that Marienne is a good mother, even outside of his infatuation, which will help her case. She also cares a lot about her daughter’s safety, which will make her more cautious, especially after recently gaining full custody.

She is a woman of colour

Another reason I don’t think that Marianne will die this season is because she is a woman of colour. In season one and two, when Joe had taken part in romantic or sexual relationships with a woman of colour, he didn’t end up murdering them. Some might point out the fact that Delilah ended up dead at the end of season two, but that was because Love killed her. Since this time around she is his main love interest for the season, she has a higher chance of being murdered. Even with that in mind, she has the upper hand of knowing what kind of person Joe is (unlike Beck) and she seems to not be a killer herself (unlike Love.)

After taking all of this into consideration, I feel like she’ll be around a little longer and live through the season. It might be optimistic, considering she’s making an appearance once again this season, but I’ll believe in Joe’s ability to find flaws in women causing him to lose attraction. There’s also the fact that he moves on from women as fast as he raises his body count (the killing kind) and for that reason, I’m betting on her to stay alive.

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