Where to Splurge in Your New Year Closet/Beauty Bag Update

New Year, New You! It’s a mantra most poeple take to heart. Whether you like New Year’s resolutions or not (and there are many reasons not to), January 1st is the start of a New Year and that can be a good spark for change we’ve been waiting till “next year” to do. From gym memberships, to reading a book a month, New Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes; many of them fall into the fashion and beauty category. The New Year doesn’t have to mean new style, but it can be a good time to cleanse the closet and makeup bag and to add pieces that can update the old into something new. These changes don’t have to come in the form of complete closet overhauls, but a good place to start is to a cleanse of the ill-fitting, worn and torn, decades old items that no longer fit your style.

Closet Cleanse
This is a cleanse that should most definitely be done more than annually. Despite it sometimes being hard to say good-bye to some long-time pieces it’s a time to get rid of the old and make way for the new and stylish. When undergoing a closet or even a makeup bag cleanse, it is important to ask if you’ve worn/used that piece in the past month or even past couple weeks. Apart from seasonal issues (don’t go throwing out all your shorts in January), if you haven’t used something in the past month it is probably because it just doesn’t fit you, your style or your lifestyle anymore and it may be time to give it a better home. There are so many options as to what to do with the closet rejects and those items you aren’t keeping: donate, sell, throw a closet exchange party (and maybe snatch up a couple of these goodies for free). Nonetheless, even if you are making room for some fabulous splurges, cleaning out the closet and makeup drawer never hurt anyone!

Where to Splurge: 4 Items to Invest in
Now for the fun part – After cleaning out the old, instead of replacing it with whatever you can find, it is best to do so with high-quality and classic pieces that will get through many style fads and the upcoming New Year. Spending a couple extra dollars for longevity, higher quality, and better fit and taking the time to find the perfect piece for you is worth it when you are making over your style routine because they act as anchor pieces that can be paired with anything and everything and always make you feel extra stylish and comfortable.

1. The Perfect Pair of Heels
Comfortable and heels don’t usually end up in the same sentence, however there are heels out there that can be comfortable it may just require a bit more looking and a couple extra dollars at the till. Finding that pair of heels that you can spend hours in and still feel sexy is so important for any woman in business or for fun. The kind of heels you get vary with the many different types out there, but there are some things to look for when looking for comfort. First, real leather (sorry vegans) or suede is usually better. It’s more adaptable and will better shape itself to fit your foot. Second, the lower and wider the heel the more comfortable it will be, but when going for style, a higher chunkier heel or a cute kitten heel will do the trick. The rest is really up to you whether you go point or round, Mary Jane or pump, platform or not. When splurging, find heels that are more neutral in color -- blacks, nudes, and metallic -- and that will pair with more items in your wardrobe.

Find this pair in stores at Clarks

2. Little Black Dress
Every collegiette needs a little black dress. These dresses are multi versatile and can be worn across the board if chosen correctly. Find a little black dress made out of high-quality, thicker fabric (decreases the likelihood of it becoming see-through over time) and find one that hugs the curves but isn’t so tight that it’s uncomfortable. A pencil skirt, knee-length dress can be used for every occasion. Paired with a statement necklace, a cute clutch and a pair of heels and you fit perfectly at the gala dinner. Paired with a blazer, Mary Jane heels and a belt and you’re the boss lady at the office. Again, find a dress that fits your style and your body type and make it your own.

This Olivia Pope-esque dress is available at Banana Republic for $102.00

3. The Classic Button-down
This isn’t just for the professional lady. Having a good quality, perfectly fitting collared button-down shirt is an essential for any wardrobe. It can be worn for interviews, casually with a pair of jeans and out to dinner. They aren’t just for your mom anymore; a classic button can go from posh to edgy in two seconds flat if paired properly. A good button-down shirt can range in price, but they are worth the extra dollars when it comes to fit, wrinkles and longevity.

Get this button-down at Banana Republic for $85.00

4. Signature Perfume
Finding “your” scent and splurging to find it is a great change to the New Year. Everybody has different tastes when it comes to perfume and each perfume smells different on everyone; so it is worth finding out what scents fit you best! Sephora has a booth exactly for that. Go in, enter your answers and find a list of varying suggestions and then smell away. Having that one fragrance you spritz on every morning can really add to your beauty routine and also make an impression on those around you. Perfumes range in price drastically. The extra bucks can buy you scent longevity, deeper and more flavourful scents and a less sickly potency. From spicy to sweet, musky to floral, what’s your scent?

Although spending a couple extra dollars doesn’t always been better, it can have some added benefits, like better sizing, better fabric and longer life. When it comes to splurging take your time researching which brand best fits you and your style and don’t rush into it right away. A couple high ticket items, mixed with more trendy and less-expensive items can make a killer outfit no matter your style.

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