What To Wear On Your First Days of Classes

Let’s face it. Coming back to school can be such a drag after summer vacay. Nothing compares to the months of little to no responsibility and the endless sleep hours that seem to go on forever. Glorious!

But, the end is near and it’s time to downshift your life. Classes are starting up again and with it, the weather changes. The perfect opportunity for you to transition from party gear to comfy attire is now and I’m here to help you out with the biggest question on your mind:

What do I wear on the first days of school?

Cue mini freak out. Brb, tearing my room apart in search of those jeans that make my butt look great but are still stretchy because…all those family BBQ’s will be the death of my shapely ass.

Don’t worry-I got you, girl.

The first day is all about making the perfect entrance. Sometimes, what you wear on your first day can help you gain the confidence you need to carry you through the rest of the year. So, depending on what type of style you have, here are some tips that shall serve you well. 

The Chic Sophisticate 

You love staying on trend. Fashion is your BFF for eternity and has never let you down. Casual and chic go hand in hand when it comes to praising your appearance. If this style type sounds like you, I recommend going for textured pants or jeans and a light top.

You are most likely going to be in class all day so you want to be comfortable. Jazzing up your outfit with accessories can make or break this look. Bold statement necklaces and rustic wrist accoutrements will draw eyes to your outfit while still maintaining that ol’ comfort factor.

Recommended: Bownds cuff by Aldo Accessories. It adds a bright pop of the season’s trendy colour (cobalt blue) while still leaving your hands and fingers subject to the inevitable ache that results from vigorous note-taking.

This necklace from Dynamite still manages to reel in the sophisticated factor while maintaining a casual appearance. The pearls are elegant and subtle but add just a drop of glitz to your outfit. Besides, pearls are always classy. Seen: Pearl Statement Necklace

Casual Comfort

You love your Lulus. You cannot imagine life without that decadent fabric encompassing your body in ultimate warmth. Your style is pretty chill but you still love your colours and patterns. Girl, I have one thing to say…

Boyfriend jeans?

They’re the perfect combination of style and comfort for those of us who (let’s admit it) don’t always want to make an effort but still want to LOOK like we made an effort. Throw in a loose, comfy tee and a long, pendant necklace and you’ve got casual with a twist.

Pictured: H&M Boyfriend Low Jeans



Pictured: Forever21 Burnished Geo Pendant Necklace



Your personal style is all about showcasing who you are. Try out something new this year and see how far you can extend your fashion arm. Feel like sharing? Tag #hercampusUOttawa in your posts on Twitter and Instagram and show us your fierce style! Have a great first day back beauties!

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