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What to Drink, Based on Your Study Habits

It’s that time of year again collegiettes, midterm season! While you set up shop in the library, in the new Crossroads building or anywhere else on campus, you’ll probably need some brain fuel to stay focused. Snacks? Check. Drink? Hmm...not check. Curious about what you should drink? Find out below by matching it with your study habits!

Late Night Studier: Espresso

If you tend to stay up late and study (or even pull an all-nighter) then espresso is for you. Espresso gives you a jolt of caffeine that wakes you back up when you start to nod off. It won’t, however, give you that huge crash afterwards that an energy drink will. Need extra energy? Try a double espresso!

Planner: Tea

You’re not stressed and your due date isn’t even in the next 24 hours. You’re preparing notes for a midterm next week or writing a paper that’s due after reading week. You don’t need the energy boost that energy drinks and espresso give you; you should opt instead for a tasty tea! You will have something good to sip on while working methodically in preparation for due dates to come. No crash necessary here!

Long Study Session: Iced Capp/Frappuccino

Do you tend to stay in your study spot for hours on end? You definitely need to get an Iced Capp or a Frappuccino. The sugar will both help you stay energized and make for a long snack. You can even use it as a motivator - finish a practice midterm & get a few sips. Your stomach will be satisfied and you’ll be ready for the long study session ahead of you!

Crammer: Energy Drink

Your midterm is in three hours and you’re just looking at the notes now. Sound like you? Grab yourself an energy drink and hit the books - it’s crunch time. Energy drinks will give you the energy and focus you need to study for that midterm, finish that paper & make it through before the big crash. You may even get lucky and find a free one on campus from the Red Bull girls!

Group Studier: Soda

You like to study with others, working on problems or quizzing each other. Since it’s probably frowned upon to drink beers while trying to memorize organic chemistry, soda is the next best thing. If you’re studying with a group, you’ll need a social drink that gives you some energy and is tasty. Soda has caffeine to keep the conversation going but not so much that you’re talking at 5 kilometers a minute. Grab a coke & study with friends!


Good luck studying collegiettes!!

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