Wake Up Call: Summer is Over


It’s the most bittersweet time of the year! Your tan is fading, the nights are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to change colour. It’s official, summer is over. And yet, you couldn’t be more excited to get back to school. With school starting means studying, staying focused and less nights at the bar. It’s not easy transitioning back into the school routine, but it’s not impossible either!

Get Organized

To make the most of your time throughout the year, create a schedule and stick to it! Don’t just get a plain looking agenda, invest in a nice one! Not into agendas? No worries, buy a whiteboard! If you’re up for the challenge, create your own! There are tons of DIY videos online on how to create your own whiteboard. Find one that catches your attention and get started! Having a more visually appealing organizer, will keep you motivated and help you remember everything you have planned!

Change of Diet

Who can resist the taste of BBQ food? Nobody, which is why fall is the perfect time to get back into eating healthy again! Just because school is starting, doesn’t mean you have to start eating ramen every day. Cut back on eating out and start getting creative in your own kitchen! One of my favourite dishes is pasta. It’s student-budget friendly and easy to make. Whether you’re a vegetarian, meat-lover or vegan; you’re guaranteed to find a pasta dish that works for you! It may seem easier to go to your favourite restaurant and dine, but eventually it all adds up.

Stay Within Your Budget

We can all agree that tuition is expensive. That being said, we cannot splurge on drinks or shoes anymore. When you decide to go out to a restaurant, go on days that are specially discounted for students! Instead of buying everything brand new, ask around to see if anyone is selling what you are looking for. If you’re going to splurge on something, make sure it’s on the right items! For example, spend your money on a decent printer instead of a fancy iPhone case. You’re going to regret buying it when you realize you don’t have enough money for your textbooks! There are uOttawa groups on Facebook, where students sell off books they no longer need. Check them out before paying full price at the bookstore! Before purchasing anything, ask yourself : “Do I really need this?”. Probably not, back away slowly. You’ll thank us later!

Keep Busy

Staying focused during the first month of classes is extremely difficult. All of your classes seem pointless, so you spend most of the lectures scrolling through your newsfeed. Which is okay for the first week, but after that, assignments are due! Don’t procrastinate on social networking sites or unlimited movie websites. Keep yourself preoccupied by joining clubs on campus, or even go to the gym! Ever thought about going greek? There’s so many different greek organizations on campus, you’re bound to find your perfect fit! Whatever your interests/hobbies are, push them!

Summer 2013 was amazing, no doubt. But it’s time to hit the books again! Staying organized will allow you to get more out of your free time. Whether it’s looking up student-budget friendly recipes online, or hanging out with new friends you made joining a club. It’s a new year, a new beginning. Start off the school year the right way!


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