Vote or Netflix & Chill?

How many times have you been hanging out with your friends and talked about politics? Not often, right? Do you know who's running, other than the pretty one with the hair...what's his name again? Are you even planning on voting?

I'm going to preface this by letting you know that you really should be voting. Though I'm about to blame a different group of people for why we, the younger generation, aren't voting, the onus is on you to get your shit together and go vote. You're an adult. This is literally your future dangling in front of you and you need to start letting your voice count.

ANYWAY...We've often heard that our generation is the laziest and crappiest and ‘OMG can you please move out of my basement already??’. We're constantly criticized by the generations before us, who for some reason, just love slamming down on us every chance they get. Look! Another chance just came up: the elections!

Adults are peeved cause we're not voting. (I'm also peeved that we're not voting. People fought for us to have this right and instead of honouring that, we're making KD and inviting over our boytoy to Netflix & Chill…but I've already mentioned that). That being said, politicians are over here doing cool stuff like interrupting, pointing fingers and calling names like all toddlers love to do, when they should be reaching out to masses that need to be reached. (HINT: THIS GENERATION)

Want us to go running to the voting polls? Tell me how you're going to help me. We're swimming in debt, we're looking to dive into the workforce, buy property and start living big kid lives. Let me tell you, now isn't really the most fan-freaking-tastic time to graduate.

What are you doing for us? How can you help me not fall flat on my face when I graduate?

Those who criticize this generation forget who raised it.




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