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Venus is set to join Mars in Leo this month on June 27th, and with COVID-19 restrictions finally lifting in Ontario, the timing couldn’t be any better.

In astrology, Venus is the planet of romance, beauty, and charm. Venus rules attraction: your attraction to others and others’ attraction to you. Venus also governs pleasure (but not sex; sex — along with anger, passion, and ambition — is ruled by Mars). For three and a half weeks this summer, sensual Venus and desirous Mars will both be in Leo, meaning that things are about to get ~spicy~.

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Photo by Schmidsi from Pixabay on Canva/ Design by Emily Clements

Leo is the fixed fire sign of the zodiac. Leo energy is dynamic, confident, and charismatic, if not slightly over dramatic at times. Leo energy inspires luxury, vanity, and romance. Leo energy does things — and passionately so. Although your natal Venus and Mars signs determine the overall vibes surrounding your love life, Venus and Mars in Leo this month will inspire us all to be bolder, both romantically and sexually… so you can see why this is kind of a big deal.

But wait — there’s more: from July 10th to 13th, the Moon, which governs emotions, is also in Leo, hitting different and intensifying your feels. Add to this the soft and sensitive Moon conjunct Venus transit and the daring Moon conjunct Mars transit, both on July 12th, and *wow*. One day later on July 13th, after two weeks in the same sign, Venus finally connects with Mars. This transit is all about combining physical intimacy with emotional intimacy. Venus conjunct Mars has also been known to increase libido… so there’s that.

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Photo by Schmidsi from Pixabay on Canva/ Design by Emily Clements

As if you weren’t already craving something a lil’ PG13 after two months in lockdown, Venus and Mars in Leo are only here to fuel your desire. Good news: on or around July 12th to 13th — thanks to the transits of July 12th and 13th and the lifting of provincial restrictions — something might finally come of this (within public health guidelines ofc, always within public health guidelines).

After these astrologically-charged two days, the energy ever-so-slightly calms down; however Venus and Mars both remain in Leo for more than another week. Venus leaves Leo on July 21st and enters Virgo, with Mars following eight days later. But dw; the romance isn’t going anywhere. Leo szn begins in earnest on July 23rd, with the Sun picking up right where Venus and Mars leave off.

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