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Vancouver Fashion Week Designer Spotlight: Le Cour

Taking wearable art to another level.

Artistic makeup trends have been very popular on social media, and it seems like wearable art is beginning to take the world by storm. This year at Vancouver Fashion Week, fashion designer Le Cour has taken wearable art to another level, above and beyond the wearable art trend.

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When we think of fashion, we think of stylish pieces of clothing, trends, and maybe a few designer brands. It is rare that we ever hear of fashion created directly on our bodies. This is what Le Cour aims to do.

Based in Maui, USA, Le Cour is a freestyle fashion artist. Every piece that is made is customized to the body being worked on. It is not until after hours of work that the final product is actually seen. Le Cour combines science and art and uses a variety of 3D designs and fabrics to create intricate patterns.

Vancouver Virtual FW Logo Ashley Stathis Le Cour sees the body both as a work of art and as science. By seeing the human body as art, Le Cour encourages body positivity; anybody can be a canvas for beautiful, intricate fashion pieces.

Le Cour’s designs have recently been seen on celebrities and at events and continue to bring wearable art to the fashion scene.

Vancouver Virtual FW Logo Ashley Stathis