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Vacation Style Must-Haves

This article goes out to all the lucky students who are going on post-reading week vacations (because let’s be real: it’s way cheaper to travel during off-seasons). Whether it be in the upcoming weeks or during our lengthy summer, it’s never too early to start planning your style essentials. Although planning ahead is ideal, it’s also unrealistic because we all know you’re going to leave everything to the last minute. Nonetheless, you might as well get a few ideas as to what you’ll need to keep yourself looking fresh while basking in the sun. To those who are in the same vacationless boat as I am, stay strong because summer isn’t too far away.

1. Funky Bathing Suits
It goes without saying that you’ll need to pack at least one bathing suit if you plan on heading anywhere near the beach during your vacay. Whether it be a one-piece or a bikini, it’s always good to pack more than one in case you don’t have access to laundry facilities. Quick tip: rinse your bathing suit in the sink before you hang it to dry to prevent it from smelling like old ocean water. It also removes the salt from your suit and halts any damage.

PINK, $32.95 

2. Flowy Sundress
You truly can’t go wrong with a carefree floral dress when you’re on vacation. Whether you wear it to lounge on the beach or to go out to dinner, a maxi dress is the perfect versatile piece to pack for your vacay. It also doubles as a cover-up, which is handy if you tend to over-pack and have limited wiggle room in your suitcase.

Forever 21, $65.00

3. Panama Hat
There’s no denying that this statement piece genuinely polishes off any outfit. On top of that, if you plan on playing in the sun during you holiday, you’ll want to protect your head and stay hydrated.

H&M $17.99  

4. Bold Shades
Nothing says “I’m cool” better than a pair of unique sunglasses. Not only will they spice up any plain bathing suit, they will protect your eyes from the radiant sunlight.

Zara, $29.90 

5. Beach Tote
What better way to keep your personal belongings out of the sand and all in one place? The tote-bag also doubles as a purse on any outing and allows you to fill it with all the items you desire thanks to its considerable size.

J. Crew, $64.50 

6. Strappy Sandals
Wearing sandals is the perfect excuse to paint your toenails that coral color that was useless to you amidst the cold Canadian weather. Furthermore, pairable with a dress or cut-off shorts, sandals are light and won’t take up too much room in your suitcase.

Forever $21.90

Are you traveling this summer? What are your essentials? Let us know in the comments below!


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