uOttawa versus Carleton

uOttawa versus Carleton. Need I say more? With today's Panda Game, let’s review the top 10 reasons why uOttawa is awesome.                              

Location, Location, Location…
While Carleton is all the way out there near Billings Bridge (20-25 minute bus ride, just saying), uOttawa is right downtown! We don’t need those long bus rides to get to the bars and patios in the summer, we’re already there.

Sports Teams
Carleton, you may have won the Panda Game the last two years, but our other sports teams can and will kick your butt anytime. Our women’s soccer team? Third place in the OUA championship last year. Women’s rugby were the RSEQ Champions last year. And don’t forget all those years of uOttawa Panda Game wins!

We’re Bilingual!
French? English? Take your pick! The University of Ottawa offers classes, clubs and events in both French and English. 

Food Festivals
Poutine, tacos, and beavertails: uOttawa hosts food festivals each year (not to mention the Beavertails are free). Nothing keeps university students happier than good, FREE food between classes!

101 Week
We all have memories from 101 week, both good and bad. But one thing’s for sure, 101 week is always tons of fun! Is there any better way to start off university than a week of fun? I think not. Our 101 week is also student run and who knows students better than… well… students?

Did you know uOttawa is ranked in the 200-250 range in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings? With top notch programs and professors, it’s no wonder we offer successful futures and careers for our students.

uOttawa’s co-op program is one of the most highly regarded in Canada. In its 35 year run, it has placed over 40,000 students with work terms and places 95% of its students each term. When we graduate, guess who’s making the moolah?

Carleton may have a super tall library, but do they get the same gorgeous views as uOttawa? I don’t think so. From FSS, you can bask in the beautiful views of Parliament and the downtown core at any time of the day.

The first horse out of the starting gate sounds powerful and victorious. When it comes to mascots, everyone knows that the gee-gee is much stronger, faster and better than a Carleton raven.

Panda Game Crowds
uOttawa not only knows how to have fun, but we always bring the spirit. uOttawa's crowd is always jam-packed, high-energy and ready to cheer on uOttawa.

Disclaimer: We love our CarletonU friends and would like to see nothing more than to see them graduate with success and happiness. We dedicate this friendly roast to them in hopes that they'll retaliate back in humourous banter and intend to hurt no feelings.


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