UOttawa Style: Fall Edition

Hey Collegiates,

A new school year is upon us and that means new classes, new schedules AND a new wardrobe. Ottawa is a hugely diverse city and our school is no exception. I hit the campus to find out where our hidden fashionistas like to shop, what they're wearing and who they look up to for style inspiration. Read on to find out the stores they like to frequent and how they keep up with their style when the inevitable pressure of school kicks in.

Cassie Even-Hen, 3rd Year

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: American EagleShoes: Birkenstocks

Style Inspiration: "Kendall Jenner. I have my own fashion blog where I like to post photos of outfits and brands that I enjoy, in addition to taking photographs of the world around me."

School Style: "All black everything. I like to wear it all year round. It's very simple and it goes with everything, which definitely makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier."


Christina Mikhel, 3rd Year



Sweater: Urban Outfitters

T-Shirt: GarageLeggings: Lululemon

Where she shops: "H&M, Zara and Winners are some of my favourite stores. I love Zara-they have such nice pieces."

School Style: "I like to keep it simple during the school year. I generally stick to jeans and t-shirts. I think these are staple pieces that are essential in any girl's closet. Plus it's a combo that will never go out of style"


Esther (r) and Caroline





Shirt: MangoJeans: American Eagle

Where she shops: "I like to shop for specific pieces rather than specific stores. If I need a new dress or jeans I will search for the perfect pair, regardless of the brand."

Style Inspiration: "I like to follow Zipped, which is a fashion blog based out of Minneapolis. I really like the outfits she pairs together as they're nice to look at. If I really like a certain outfit, I'll try to recreate it myself but I never go out of my comfort zone."

School Style: " I like to look nice, I wear a lot of black jeans and shirts because they're easy. During exams my comfort is key, so I usually wear leggings and cozy sweaters. I try not to look too sloppy, but I am a huge fan of Lulu."


Shirt: Club MonacoCardigan: H&MShorts: Garage

Where she shops: "I usually wear whatever I think looks cool. Or, sometimes, I'll shop by colour. If I need a piece in a specific clothing type (e.g. pants, skirts), I'll search every store until I find it."

Style Inspiration: "I look at what other girls are wearing around campus or to class. If I see something nice, I try to find it to see if I'd like it too."

School Style: "During the year, I mostly wear comfy sweaters and leggings because I prefer to be comfy more than anything else. But if I'm going out with friends, I'll dress up depending on where we're going. If we're going dancing, I like to wear a dress or skirt and tank. If we're going to a bar I'll dress a bit more casually, like jeans.  


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Note: All photos were originally intended to be photos of the uOttawa students; however, due to technical issues, stock photos had to be used.