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UO APP: Sports and activities that belong on your to do list this summer

UO APP: The University of Ottawa’s guide to … Sports and activities that belong on your to do list this summer

Are you getting tired of picking things up and putting them down, watching the treadmill clock or going to that same yoga class over and over again? With the summer months fast approaching most of us girls are looking for a way to beat the gym “blahs” and get active, and I’m not talking about going for a run around your neighbourhood.  Here are a few suggestions for summer sports and activities that will help improve that bikini bod, meet some new buds and have some fun in the sun.

  1. Anything wet– As a major water sports enthusiast I may be a bit biased, but anything involving water is a fun and easy way to get some exercise and stay cool during those hot summer months. Not to mention the variety of activities offered in H20. Try water polo with some friends, join a masters swim team, try synchronized swimming, attend an aqua fit class or just hit your local pool for a free swim. I would especially recommend pool or lake activities for anyone with bad joints as its low impact but burns lots of calories.
  1. Beach Volleyball– Beach is an easy and fun way to get involved in sports this summer. Leagues run out of major beaches (think Moonies Bay or Petrie) and are relatively inexpensive. Beach Volleyball is also famous for its fun loving atmosphere with the choice of competitive or recreational leagues depending on your skill level. The City of Ottawa also offers instructional programs for those wishing to build their skills. So practice that overhand serve and get out in the sand!
  1. Tough Mudder– Becoming a mudder is all the rage these days. Although the page and description may sound intimidating and no fun at all, it’s actually the contrary. The half marathon/ obstacle course/ army training camp isn’t about winning, it’s about completion. Everyone doing the course lends a helping hand to those who need it, creating a fun and supportive environment. So make a team, get training and find a mudder location near you. The satisfaction of completion makes all the hard work worth it.
  1. Tennis– Many parks offer tennis courts and it’s easy to find used equipment quite cheap. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to get your sweat on, tennis is the perfect fit. If you just can’t get enough of playing with friends, the city of Ottawa offers classes and Ottawa is also home to over 25 tennis clubs if you’re looking for some intense games. So grab a racket and fall in “love” with tennis.
  1. Kayaking- Kayaking is a little less of a sport and more of an activity. It is still a great workout, but is relaxing and gives you the opportunity to venture off into the wild solo or with some friends. Its very easy to pick up the necessary skills, and as long as you sport a lifejacket and a helmet it’s a fun way to get outdoors and active.

If you’re looking for more activities to give a whirl, check out the City of Ottawa’s website for a full list of their leisure activities and ideas. http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/parks-and-recreation/athletics-sports-and-leisure-groups So stop staring at yourself in the mirror at Minto and turn to the outdoors for your daily hit of athletic induced endorphins. 


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