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The Ultimate Guide for Bigs Getting Littles Part 2

What to Buy

During Big/Little week, Bigs will often give gifts to their Littles along with clues as to who they might be. Ideally the best gifts to give would be ones that go along with the clues you give your Littles. For example, if your clue is that you love chocolate bars, the best gift to accompany that clue would obviously be a bag full of your favourite chocolate bars. However, if you are looking to go above and beyond with your gifts, here’s a few cute gift ideas to give to your Little:

  1. A Handcrafted Pin/Jewelry Box
  1. Letter shirts
  1. Personalized Mug or Wine Glass
  1. A Hand-Painted Canvas or Photo Frame with a Cute Quote
  1. A necklace or bracelet with their initials on it
  1. A sorority necklace or bracelet
  1. A wooden letter of their initial
  1. Greek Letter Cookies
  1. Personalized Monogram Accessories
  1. Care Package


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