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Tuition and Sugar Daddies


Many students are choosing to pursue higher education, and the giant price tag that comes with this pursuit has become the norm. While high prices and education seem to come hand in hand, some students are now choosing not to spend the rest of their lives paying student debt. Instead, some students are finding creative ways to generate the income needed to put themselves through school, by seeking sugar daddies! That’s right, gone are the days of seeking minimum wage part time jobs, when one or two dinners with a well-established special somebody can pay for your entire year of school.


This new trend has resulted in the spike of students joining the website Seeking Arrangements, which has seen a surge in usage especially from Canadian students. According to reports published by Yahoo news, a student named Hannah at York University has earned up to $10,000 from different sugar daddies who have paid for her books, tuition, housing, etc.


Hannah is not the only student reaping the benefits of an arrangement like this; many other students are as well. Seeking Arrangements reported that in 2015 over 150,000 Canadian students signed up to seek a sugar daddy, and the company notes that there might be a correlation between the hike in tuition fees and the hike in the numbers of students who currently use the website.


Sugar babies can list their expectations on the website. Lists can vary from minimum payments for dates, clothes, shoes, tuition, etc. More importantly, sugar babies can specify if they expect a platonic relationship and nothing else.


Too good to be true? Some people like Sgt. Matt D’Asti of the Windsor police believes it is. He stated in a blog post for O Canada.com “We would warn anybody about exploring these avenues to pay for tuition, because there are unfortunate consequences that we feel go along with it and unnecessary victimization.” The consequences, according to Sgt D’Asti, include violations to Canadian human trafficking laws.

If you were wondering if your school was on the list, it was also reported that some of the universities with the most number of students registered on the website include Brock University, University Laval, University of British Columbia, University of Windsor, York University, Western, McGill, and  University of Toronto. As of 2013, the University of Ottawa ranked 2nd highest in the numbers of student registered on the site, and more recently, McGill University currently holds the highest number of student registrations.

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