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A Trip to Morisset as told by The Big Bang Theory

So it’s midterm season and you know the only way you’re going to get a spot in Morisset is if you get up at the crack of dawn:

Ok, you finally dragged yourself out of bed – now you need to find something to wear. Since you’re just heading to the library, you opt for something on the floor (easy access, right?). But when your roommate gives you that “you’re really going to wear that again this week?” look, you can’t help but shoot them this look: 

You’ve now made it safely out of the house. You push yourself off the crowded bus (seriously, its past rush hour… what are all these people doing on the bus? Don’t they have jobs to get to? ugh). You head towards those murky brown doors that lead to your resting spot for the next several hours: 

Take a deep breath. You’ve made it through the main entrance. Now you just need to face the crowded elevator and start your search for your throne (AKA study corral): 

Okay, so the 3rd floor was packed and you’re not in the mood for Club Morisset on the 5th floor, so you opt for a nice, quiet corner seat on the silent 4th floor and open up Blackboard to see the damage: 

… and you realize how far behind you are in all your classes: 

You’ve been so engrossed with studying for the past hour that you barely recognize the human that’s standing in front of you is talking…. to you

 They ask if you’d mind watching their stuff for “just a couple of minutes”. Too afraid to say no, you say, “no of course I don’t mind!” 

When they come back, they thank you for helping them out. The truth is, you forgot about their stuff two minutes after they left. Not wanting to be rude, you just go along with it:

You settle back in to study, and all of a sudden, in the middle of your zone, you hear the shrillest most offending sound: someone opening a bag of chips…. on the silent floor:

That was the final straw – your concentration has been completely derailed. There’s absolutely no way you can continue: 

You start your journey home and can hardly contain your excitement as the bus driver pulls up to your stop: 

When you finally make it through the door, you dive right onto the couch just in time to participate in the Netflix marathon your roomie just started: 

Sources: GIFs and cover photo

Zoe Crego

U Ottawa '17

Zoë held the position of President of Her Campus at uOttawa from 2015-2017 and was a Senior Chapter Advisor. She graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2017 and has pursued a career in the Canadian federal public service. She is very grateful to Her Campus for providing a creative outlet while studying and believes her experience with Her Campus helped her grow professionally and personally.