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Trend Report: This Fall’s Hottest Looks

It’s back! Fashion’s favourite season is finally upon us. Even though fall means goodbye to your social life and hello to schoolwork, it is also that time of year when buying all those new outfits can be justified because the fall trends are just too damn cute. For those of you grieving the summer’s departure, don’t feel too bad, a lot of your summer pieces can be worn right into the fall. For those of you that have been making regular trips to Zara and swooning over their knits (I know I have!), this is your green light.


Whether it’s bright and orangey or a deep crimson, red is definitely a must in your closet for the fall. If you’re bold enough, rock it head to toe, by carefully mixing textures. If you’re on the less-is-more end of the spectrum, you might want to try wearing a single crimson piece with other neutral coloured garments. Also, red nail polish or a hot red-lipstick are often the perfect touch to brighten a plain look.

Not quite Winter Whites

Oh how I love winter whites! They are elegant and chic. However, since it’s not quite time to be pulling out those winter whites, you can still have fun with those classic light summer pieces you were about to shun for the remainder of the year. A beautiful white knit is easy to pair with that blue jean you summon when you don’t know what else to wear. The white blazer you found this summer and wore relentlessly at the office can be worn right into the fall when paired with a dark woolly scarf.

Forget the Tramp, you’re a Lady!

For this fall, dressing like a Lady is most definitely a “do”. You want to aim for a seamless silhouette for a crisp and clean look. For this trend, you’re going to want to keep your necklines and your hemlines at a respectable length. Cinch that waist with a thin belt, and iron those pants (the sharper the crease, the better). This fall is the opportune time to whip out your sheer blouses and full skirts ladies.


This one may be obvious to those of you that have been keeping up-to-date with this fall’s fashion magazines! Military jackets, dark greens mixed with a variety of black garments and combat boots are what this trend is all about. Don’t be scared of the shoulder pads on that jacket you’ve been eyeing, that’s the exact style you’re going for if you’re into this trend: Broad shoulders and small… everything else.


This trend seems to never go away, and it never needs to. Going all black is a bit intimidating for those of you into a more colourful look. The trick is to focus on different textures. You are going to want to draw inspiration from ‘the Matrix’ this fall. Don’t shy away from the pleather, the leather, or even the sheer fabrics for that matter: the more, the merrier! Black is fun, because you can virtually never go wrong. Goth-on girls!

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