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Top 5 Movies Characters With Wardrobes to Die For

Fashion and its cynical trends from the past few decades has been exemplified and emphasized in the most impeccable ways in the film industry. I can genuinely say that sometimes I find myself paying a lot more attention to the wardrobe than the plot when watching movies. Sometimes the characters just resonate with me way too much and next thing I know, I’m 6 Google Chrome tabs deep into obscure Etsy shops selling vintage plaid skirts for $100. But point of the matter is, style icons can be fictional too and a comprehensive list of movies to draw inspo from is just what every fashion-lover needs.

1. Veronica Sawyer in Heathers


The first time I ever watched this movie I can truthfully say I got distracted for most of it because of how in love I was with every outfit in it. What’s really eye-catching though is the amount of style Veronica Sawyer had, which, compared to most of the shoulder pad-wearing, teased bang-having girls in the 80s, was inspiring to be quite honest. Oversized coats with low-cut blouses, slouchy cardigans with button ups, and cross-coordinating all blue everything; probably some of the more eccentric looks she had, but definitely worth trying out. And as a wise person once said: “girls don’t love boys, girls love Veronica Sawyer’s outfit choices”.

2. The Trifecta in Clueless


Of course I’m going to add Clueless to this list. You definitely had to have seen this one coming. As a huge Clueless fan, it’s safe to say I’ve watched this movie approximately 1000 times and it still isn’t old. There’s always a new person to watch if we’re speaking fashion-wise. Amazingly enough, the characters seem to all reap their own signature style in every scene. Dionne had her stunning matching co-ordinating skirt-suits and a hat collection that’d put every boy in a bucket hat to shame. Tai had that whole 90s girl riot grunge thing going, even after she was made over (spoiler alert? but honestly, who hasn’t seen this movie…). And then there’s Cher, whose vintage Alaïa and Calvin Klein dresses were breathtaking on their own.

3. Elvira Hancock in Scarface

This classic movie probably has the most underrated costumes ever. Elvira Hancock is the sister of a drug kingpin, but her wardrobe was probably the most interesting part of her character, if we’re being completely honest. Silk slips and white menswear-inspired suits are all I imagine when I think about her character. Sultry and debonaire, her clothes were top-tier, ‘rich yet bored housewife on vacation in the tropics’-esque loungewear. Her presence in the movie brought about an aesthetic that is iconic in every sense of the word.

4. Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell

Okay, no Saved by the Bell isn’t a movie, but I couldn’t really help myself. Kelly Kapowski was a fictional fashion icon for so many who grew up watching this show, so it was kind of hard NOT to add her to this list. Mom jeans and crops tops have honestly never looked so good. Florals, stripes, polka dots, and other cheeky patterns seemed to have been her go-tos. Mix all of that with some pop colour and seemingly always perfect hair and you’ve got one of the best looks of the 90s.

5. Penny Lane in Almost Famous

Penny Lane was somewhere between flower child and badass groupie. Her outfits were the peak of stylish and unparalleled to what you could ever imagine 60s fashion was like. Cream, flowy tops paired with bell bottoms (which are definitely coming back in) topped with some circle sunnies and you’ve got the look down-pat. The absolute killer in her wardrobe was most likely her shag fur, sheepskin coat. It’d be a dream to own it, let alone pull it off. She was calm, cool, and collected and all of those qualities were visible through the beautiful outfits she worked throughout the movie.

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