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Tips For Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Getting glasses is a common occurence in a university student’s career. Between reading all those textbooks, writing papers, and all those not-so-secret Netflix binges, our eyes are overworked and overtired. Many people dread getting glasses, but fear not, this style guide will provide tips and tricks for finding the perfect match for you!  

1. Shape
Shape is probably one of the most important aspects of finding glasses. There are a lot of different guides that can help you find the best frame shape for your face, such as this one. These guides can be a good place to start; however it is important to remember that other shapes can work for you too. Go with whatever makes you feel cute and confident and you can’t go wrong! If you’re looking for more unique styles of glasses, it’s worth it to go to a local optical store because they tend to have more unique styles than bigger chain stores.

2. Color
While classic black can be a great colour for your frames, don’t be afraid to explore other options. Coloured frames are back in style and they’re a fun way to accessories without adding too much. Keep your wardrobe in mind when picking your glasses colour, but there are ways to match coloured glasses with many different styles. I never thought I would wear coloured glasses, but I recently purchased a pair of bright blue glasses and I absolutely love them! The key is to take your time and explore your options when you go to try on frames.

3. Frame Size
The size of the frame is also an important aspect of glasses-shopping that is often overlooked. Not only is it important for stylistic purposes, the size of your frames can actually alter your vision. If the frames are too small, it can make it more difficult to see than it would be to see out of bigger glasses. If you’re worried the frames you pick will be too small, you can always ask the optician for their opinion and advice.

Now get out there are rock those new frames!


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Bethany is currently a fourth year Anthropology and Sociology student at the University of Ottawa. She loves fashion, makeup, travel and her dog Gatsby. In her spare time, she loves writing, reading, and exploring the city. 
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