Tips for Delicious Salads

Tips for Delicious Salads

Rebecca Kwan

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Some might find salad lunches dull, or even unappetizing. Taking into account the countless health benefits of salad, making use of our creativity to make any salad more exciting might be worth the effort. Scroll down for 3 simple tips to make your salad delicious, interesting and satisfying enough to eat over and over again!


  1. Experiment with dressings

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Bottled dressings are great but making your own dressing concoction is even better. For an easy, quick salad dressing recipe, mix a variety of tasty salad-appropriate elements - such as garlic, shallots, Parmesan cheese, etc. - to olive oil. Olive oil will give your dressing the necessary liquid texture as to have it blend in your salad smoothly. Such mix will add some savor to your salad, making it an exciting meal to have.

  1. Pasta, always pasta!

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Why not substitute lettuce with pasta, or add pasta to your salad mix? It doesn’t mean you’re having a spaghetti if your salad suddenly becomes noodle based! You can add vegetables, dressing, spices – whatever makes it your taste. Tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach and cheese make a wonderful combination along with noodles. Pasta salad is easy, interesting, healthy, low on carbs, and high on taste!

  1. Interesting additions

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There are no rules stating that only vegetables can be included in salads. Adding fruits, or even dried fruits can certainly add some aroma to your meal. Of course, meat, beans, eggs, breadcrumbs and cheese are exciting additions as well. Not only will these additions add color to your plate, they will season your salad perfectly.