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Time To Visit Maison Pepin For The Holidays

The Maison Pepin Christmas market located in Old Montreal, a small alley where people can do their holiday shopping, opened on November 22. For more than 20 years, Pepin has been recognized for its products that are made by local artists and artisans. The idea for the layout of the alley was influenced by the visits to European markets made by owner Lysanne Pepin.


Through this Christmas market, one can find many gift boxes created by local artisans, such as tea and mug blends, scented holiday candles, health and beauty baskets. A hot chocolate platter is also offered free to passers-by to try to warm up in these cool weathers. Needless to say, the market aims to display a sense of harmony and richness for its buyers, especially in these times of anxiety.

The market's exterior architecture, adorned with holiday cheer alongside trees brilliantly lit with white lights and red velvet ribbons, was developed by Montreal designer and artist Chantal Royer. Royer's work is inspired by her desire to showcase the ancestry and origin of Old Montreal and to reunite man with the landscape.

All things considered, I encourage everyone who lives in Montreal to visit and purchase these locally manufactured gifts for their families and friends for this year’s holiday. And don’t forget to social distance while you’re there and Merry Christmas! 

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