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3 Underrated Spotify Artists to Add to Your Playlist

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If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly looking for new artists and music to listen to. I find that branching out into new genres and subgenres of music really improves my music taste. So, I’ve compiled three underrated artists that you should absolutely add to your playlist!

  1.   Naomi Sharon

With less than 150,000 monthly listeners, Naomi Sharon is ridiculously underrated. With Caribbean and Dutch roots, she creates music that is both nostalgic and romantic. I found her music almost a year ago, and I haven’t turned back since. She produces more melodic RnB, reminiscent of Snoh Aalegra’s style and cadence. I would recommend taking a look at “Hills,” “1991,” and “Breeze” if you’re looking for the perfect song for a late-night drive. 

  1.  Ogi 

Ogi is a gifted Nigerian-American singer with perfect pitch and a beautiful voice. If you’re looking for music that scratches an itch, listen to “I Got It.” Her music has heavy jazz influences with electronic undertones. I’ve typically stayed away from electronic music, but I was hooked when I first listened to her EP “Monologues.” With a touch of neo-soul, I can confidently say Ogi doesn’t remind me of anyone, just because of how unique her style is. 

  1.  Emanuel

If you don’t know who Emanuel is, you absolutely should, because underrated is an understatement. I first listened to “Need You” in 2020 on Youtube when the single had less than 10K views. I was shocked Emanuel wasn’t as big as Daniel Caesar or Khalid. The songwriting and lyricism in his work made me sure he was going to be famous. Now two years later, he has amassed over 200,000 monthly Spotify listens. Take a look at his 2021 album Alt Therapy if you’re in the mood for a devastatingly beautiful heartbreak album.

Make sure to take a look at these artists if you’re looking to add something new to your playlist!

I'm a 2nd year student studying Political Science at the University of Ottawa and a new Writer for Her Campus UOttawa!