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Having religiously binged Black Mirror time after time, I’d like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on the series. I’m here to share my 10 favourite Black Mirror episodes that I guarantee anyone will enjoy watching.

10. “The National Anthem”

In a political thriller, Black Mirror shares its take on Twitter and the possibility of weaponizing social media. When a member of the Royal Family is kidnapped, the Prime Minister is asked to make a very shocking, extremely disturbing decision in order to save her.

9. “Arkangel”

This episode details an advanced electronic device that allows you to monitor your child and observe exactly what they are experiencing. Although perhaps useful for development, the technology holds many unseen consequences as the user grow older.

8. “Black Museum”

This episode is perfect for those with short attention spans because it manages to give us three very interesting Black Mirror stories, all wrapped into one! Definitely worth the watch.

7. “Playtest”

I’m not a horror movie fan, so this episode tested me a little as the main character is subjected to test an upcoming VR horror videogame. As a world-traveler, he is just trying to make a bit of extra cash through odd jobs as he tries to make it home but gets a bit spooked when the VR starts to feel a little too real.

6. Striking Vipers

At first glimpse, this episode appears to be a seemingly innocent story about friendship, video games, and future VR. However, it takes a very unexpected, very shocking turn during the main character’s late-night gaming session. Trust me when I say there is no way to predict what goes down.

5. “Be Right Back”

This episode broke my heart. We watch as the main character mourns the death of her husband. She quickly becomes shocked and disturbed when she turns to a special new service that allows her to mourn him in an interesting way.

4. “Nosedive”

This episode gives us a look into what the future might be like if we continue to further our technology and social media. Or perhaps it’s just a metaphor for the world we already live in. Lacey struggles to reach her desired rating in a world where everything functions based off how others perceive you and decide to rate you.

3. “Hang the DJ”

This is one of the first Black Mirror episodes I watched. It seriously set the bar high for all of the other episodes! In a world where the only goal is to find your one true pairing, the two main characters meet through the dating system. After their time is up, they are forced to go on date after date, despite wanting to be together.

2. “Fifteen Million Merits”

I’m not quite sure how to describe the world the characters in this episode live in, other than that it’s some form of dystopia. The characters are expected to pedal on a stationary bike all day. In exchange for their physical labour, they are paid in some form of currency which allows them to buy food, entertain themselves, etc.

1. “USS Callister”

In a clear rip off of Star Trek, this episode takes a creative turn when the designer of a video game creates authentic digital copies of his employees using their DNA, to upload them into an alternate version of his own game. We get an inside perspective of the cloned characters and watch as they attempt to find a way to escape his sadistic world.

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Olivia enjoys binge reading her favourite young adult novels and going for evening runs. She is a second year psychology student at the University of Ottawa and can be found scrolling endlessly on TikTok.
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