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Alas, we have arrived at the last article in the “Tackling Natural Makeup” series. In previous articles, I have broken down the style into different categories: eyes, complexion, and lip makeup. And as you can see, I didn’t stop there!

Makeup can be put anywhere, but it is most commonly worn on the face. Some of the most unique things about us are the markings on our faces, which makeup can be utilized to emphasize.

Facial Markings

Many people like to accentuate facial markings such as freckles, beauty marks, hyperpigmentation, and birthmarks, while others prefer to hide them. It’s your choice how visible you want your facial markings to be, and you are entitled to do what feels right for you.

If you would like to cover your facial markings, then you would most likely do that during other steps of your makeup. (Pssttttt… go to the complexion article in this series — it will give you guidance on how to cover something up while still going for the natural style!)

With that being said, people commonly like to highlight facial markings in the natural makeup style. This can be done in many ways, like by adding pigment over your markings (especially if your base makeup has covered them). For example, putting eyeliner on a beauty mark. If you don’t have facial markings, then this may or may not apply to you. However, even those who don’t have natural hyperpigmentation (like freckles) can apply fake freckles using a brown eyeliner pencil, brow pencil, eyeshadow, or freckle pen. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is respectful to those who naturally have them.

I personally don’t really have any markings on my face, but I have attempted the fake freckle look in the past. I used a brow pencil and blended it into my makeup with a sponge. However, I don’t incorporate fake freckles into my looks now because they don’t suit my current taste.

In Conclusion, 

Both makeup wearers and non-makeup wearers can get confused by the concept of natural makeup and how to execute it. Once, I, myself, couldn’t grasp its concept. The trick to tackling natural makeup is to be as minimalistic as you can while softly enhancing your features in a balanced way. Of course, any makeup style is up for interpretation — so your makeup will always be correct if you like it! Makeup is an art, so it’s personal. All things considered; this is the end of the “Tackling Natural Makeup” series, which I hope proves to be helpful ;)

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