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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

The idea of placing pieces of fabric on our bodies sounds like an easy concept, but picking clothing can often be a gruesome task. Not because as adults we find it hard to dress ourselves, but rather because we find it difficult to dress for ourselves. Whether it’s with our favourite colours, or expressing our passions with graphic tees and band merch, we want our clothes to represent who we are. This series, “Style by Sound”, is going to explore the universal love of music and how style can be pulled from the sub-genres that people relate to the most.


Effort and elegance: This is the genre of three-piece suits, feathers, and jewels. Jazz brings out the classy yet detailed looks. You can modernize the classic look by pairing elaborate accessories with any of your classic clothing pieces.

Stores to Shop: Vintage Stores, Banana Republic, Zara, and J. Crew

Hip Hop

Strong and in control: Hip Hop was created because artists in this genre felt their voices were not being heard. It’s for this reason that their clothes, just like their music, always conveyed a message. You can rock this look by going for structured pieces matched with bright accessories.

Stores to shop: Adidas, NRML, Urban Outfitters           


Carefree and trendy: Pop is fun and reflective of the style of every era it has existed in. Keep up to date with current Pop trends with millennial pink, red statement pieces, or patterned clothing.

Stores to shop: H&M, Forever 21


Comfy and simple: Country music is warm and relaxed, usually making Country style clothing comfortable, and easy to piece together. You can always go for the standard uniform of plaid, or mix it up by veering away from plaid shirts, and channelling the pattern through accessories or pants instead.

Stores to shop: Winners, Brandy Melville, American Eagle, Bluenotes

Vanessa is a writer on the Fashion & Beauty team at the University of Ottawa Her Campus Chapter.She is studying Social Science with a double minor in Economics and Public Administration. In her free time she loves to write, read, dance, and explore the city.