Study Tips from Rory Gilmore to Get You Through Midterms

It is an undeniable fact: Rory Gilmore is the QUEEN of studying. From Chilton Prep to Yale, Rory spends seven seasons killing it in school and serving up some major study inspo. Got a midterm coming up? Need to get started on that essay? Get inspired by these study tips from Rory Gilmore!

Grab a Coffee

The cardinal rule of a Gilmore Girl: Coffee, always! Gilmore Girls normalized the coffee addiction and proved that you can get through anything as long as you have your giant cup of steaming motivation (AKA Coffee)! Caffeine does boost your mental alertness and focus to help when you’re studying, just make sure you’re also drinking water! So, grab a coffee and get to work!

Put A Little Work in Every Day

It may be a little late with midterms coming up, but don’t wait until the night before a test or exam to start studying. Rory always spent time after school and classes studying.

Study Anywhere and Everywhere

Rory isn’t just shown studying at home, she takes the opportunity to study anywhere she goes; Luke’s Diner, her grandparents house, the bus, the Inn. Sometimes a change of scenery can also help reinvigorate your drive to study.

Focus on Yourself

Don’t worry about anyone else’s marks but your own. Rory and Paris spent half the series in competition with each other with Paris obsessing over Rory’s marks. Once she let go of that, they became best friends and helped each other achieve more!

Snacks are Essential

If anyone understands the importance of food while studying, it’s a Gilmore. The amount of food they eat on the show is insane, but if we can take anything from their gorging habits, it’s that food is essential for a solid study sesh!

Take Breaks

Whether its for movie nights, perusing her fav bookstore, family dinners or attending town meeting, Rory knows when to take a break and relax! Midterm and exam seasons can be stressful but don’t forget to set aside some time to do something you love and destress!

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