"Stuck on You" Remix

There are tons of makeup lines out there that are usually a hit-and-miss! Some are either too sticky, others don’t last long, and some even have a color that you make you raise your eyebrows like “wow”!

However, there are perfect colors and drug store options! And hold up, I know what you may be thinking, like: “girl please…!”

But don’t fret just yet! I’ve tried many of these brands, and have come to the conclusion that when you’re a student, girl, and you have limited spending money, it’s alright to have those few lipsticks and glosses from the drug store to keep your lips happy and looking fierce!

Here are my top 5 drug store brands and colors to choose from!

“Black Cherry” by MILANI

Milani is a really great and affordable cosmetics brand, and let me tell you: not only do their lipsticks smell like fruit (weird, I know), but they’re also super moisturizing, and don’t have a gunky, icky feeling! Yes, you know what feeling I’m talking about! This color is also perfect to add some warmth to your look during the long winter days to come!

Just Bitten Kissable” by Revlon

Now that fall and winter are upon us, our lips aren’t getting the moisture they need. Thankfully, you can get Revlon’s Balm stains; they not only moisturize your frostbitten lips, but they also stain them to a beautiful Barbie pink shade or whichever you like best, for hours on end xo

Fairytale 405 by Covergirl

If you’re a lady on the go, always in a rush to head to class, or go to work, and you just don’t have the time to take care of your lips AND look fabulous! Covergirl has the perfect… or should I say Lipperfection Lipcolor, available that adds beautiful vibrant color to your lips, but it also helps “sustain your lip moisture and give you smooth lips in just 7 days”! Fairytale is the perfect color for everyday wear!

Big Bang by Rimmel

If you want to be the Big Bang in someone’s life (too cheesy?), try Rimmel’s Apocalips Lip Lacquer in “Big Bang”! This gorgeous ruby red is just what the makeup artist in you is looking for! It’s perfect to add that extra “wow” factor to your look this fall/winter season!

Pink Passion by L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal is a French cosmetics and Beauty Company that has partnered with many “Luxe” brands, such as Lancôme, Urban Decay, and even Kiehl’s. However, they also have their more affordable consumer brands, such as L’Oréal Paris, and Maybelline, both of which have many affordable lipsticks and glosses. One of L’Oréal’s bestseller lipcolours is their Colour Riche lipsticks that now come with an anti-aging serum to help “define and creates fuller lips”. I know what you’re probably thinking: “why would I need anti-aging serum?” Well girl let me tell you that you don’t need to have signs of aging to wear anti-aging cosmetics! Cosmetics that have anti-aging factors can help prevent signs of aging, and Colour Riche helps prevent those signs while still helping you look your classy and at your best!

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