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The Street Eats Market is a GTA local food truck festival! This year, they are hosting at three different locations; Scarborough Town Centre, Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill, and a third location is opening on June 12 at the Burlington GO Station. 

This past week I stopped by the Scarborough Town Centre location to grab some eats! It is definitely a great outing for anyone sick of being stuck inside these past few months. 

Right off the 401, Street Eats has dedicated part of the Scarborough Town parking lot to a series of different food truck vendors (including ones with gluten free, dairy free, halal, kosher, and vegan options)! There is a line to get into the area with supervisors ensuring everyone in line is wearing a mask and remaining socially distanced. Once inside it is a large space with a maximum of 100 people. There are several sanitizer stations throughout the outdoor area and masks are mandatory (meaning it is takeout only)! 

There were many delicious foods available, and I definitely wish I had been able to try more! My personal favourites were the giant tater tots from Get Your Own Taters (absolutely delicious - stuffed with bacon, cheddar, and chives) and beignets from Beignet Shoppe! That being said, I did try several other vendors and managed to grab myself some mac and cheese balls, chicken tenders and fries, mango mint tea, and more - all of these vendors served absolutely delicious food! 

[bf_image id="pqqph6s88hfv65sn7rhk8m"]

Each Street Eats Market has different food truck vendors, meaning if you want to head to multiple locations, you'd be able to get different eats! Whether you go for basic chicken fingers and fries or want to try foods of different countries and cultures this is the place to go! 

The Street Eats Market is a great place to stop in for a covid safe lunch during the tail end of this Ontario lockdown, and if you're not comfortable attending while we're still in lockdown, they are going to stay open well into June! Next month, Street Eats is opening a Night Market! This will open June 12 and will remain open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at Scarborough Town until September 5! 

You can find out more about their vendors and location by heading to their website! https://streeteatsmarket.com

Maddie is a fourth year student at the University of Ottawa majoring in History. She is a major fan of Friends, and The Office and is a geek for all things history. Maddie loves food, relaxing, and her cat.
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