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This underground neo-soul beauty has captured her audience’s heart and soul (emphasis on the soul). Not only does she seize her audience with her lyrics surrounding issues of sexuality and growth, but she is the living-breathing embodiment of beauty, inside and out. One of the main things that have grabbed everyone’s attention from the get-go is her beautiful hair. From red-head to brunette to a dark brown, SZA has wowed the crowd with her sense of style and confidence. SZA is known for wearing flowy clothing that allows her to catch those notes on stage! Whether it be jean jackets and baggy pants to loose fitted tees and even the occasional dress, SZA’s style is on fire! Here are three major styles to steal!

1. Casual Fridays

Perfect outfit for those lazy Sundays and even those casual Fridays…like, really, really casual Friday! It’s time to bring back the jean-on-jean action! Grab your favourite sneakers, boyfriend jeans, cute crop top or loose-fitted tee, and of course, the infamous jean jacket! If you really want, you can spice up that hair-do and do you boo boo!

2. Sunday Brunch

Now that spring is upon us, it’s the perfect time to slowly take out your spring and summer clothes and get ready for the spring/summer breeze! Grab your favourite comfy socks paired with your favourite sneakers, grab that maxi dress you’ve been dying to wear since the first snow fall and of course, the jean jacket! SZA rarely wears any makeup, so keep it simple and classy! Let those curls go, and just enjoy the cool spring breeze flow through those locks!

3. Night Out

Bring out that cute one-piece or the sweet skirt and top duo, and get yourself ready for a night out filled with fun and adventure! Pair your outfit with some nude pumps and you’re good to go!

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Hey my name is Madison, and I'm a fourth year English & Communications major at the University of Ottawa. I love fashion, beauty, and anything health related! I'm a frequent blogger (yay for tumblr), painter, writer, vinyl collector, traveler, shopaholic, and a hopeless romantic.