Spots in Ottawa to Step Up Your Insta Game

Take some time before the cold sets in and explore some of the fabulous places in Ottawa that will add colour and creativity to your Instagram and help it stand out.


Rideau Centre

This beautiful abstract wall is conveniently located in the Rideau Centre beside Steve Madden (near Simons). Whether you’re having a shopping day or just passing through, this wall and a cute solid-colour based outfit is a quick stop to seriously amp up your Instagram feed.

                                                                                                            Photo from jacgomez13 


Two birds, one stone – another spot in the Rideau Centre to snap a cool picture can be found on the first floor near the Rideau Street exit. I like this one because it’s a sign so it can help break up too many wall pictures on your profile plus it’s a great positive message to bring to your followers.

                                                                                                            Photo from kaylamariegxox


Byward Market (York and Dalhousie) near the Tea Party

I discovered this adorable set up by accident when I was walking home through the Byward Market. It’s right in the middle of York Street across from the Tea Party and features a few different backdrops including this raccoon.


York and Sussex Drive (stairs to Major’s Hill Park)

With so many Canada 150 instalments found throughout the capital this summer, I couldn’t make a list that didn’t feature at least one. After your picture with the racoon, keep following York Street until you reach the stairs to Major’s Hill Park and you can take a colourful seated picture and show off your Canadian pride.

                                                                                                              Photo by hannahbrnett


“The Cloud” @ The NAC until Oct 31

One of my favourites on this list is a temporary instalment in the National Arts Centre. The piece, created by Canadians Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett, combines 6000 domestic lightbulbs to form “The Cloud”. The interactive instalment also features hundreds of pull-strings so you can turn lightbulbs on and off. Take advantage of this dream-like picture opportunity soon because “The Cloud” is only on display until October 31st.



Bank and Queensway (Highway 417) Underpass

Heading towards the Glebe, your first stop should be at this underpass located at Bank and Queensway. One side of the underpass is covered in “The Heart of a City in Motion” by artist group AMPLove. Whose Instagram feed wouldn’t benefit from an imaginative and whimsical mural like this one?


Bank and Pretoria Ave

This mural located at Bank and Pretoria Ave on the side of Yarn Forward is great because there are so many elements to the wall, it can look like a different mural depending where you take the picture. I’m also in love with the colours used for this mural and they can bring some bright pattern to your feed.


Bank and Third Ave (on side of Octopus Books)

If you keep following Bank Street until Third Avenue you will find this fun and colourful mural on the side of Octopus Books. Look like you’re caught in a sea of books while receiving a wave of Insta likes. When you’re done I recommend checking out the bookstore which is stocked with great books on current events for a variety of interests including Environmental, Political and Aboriginal resources.


Bank St. between 3rd and 4th ave (Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s)

Finally, just across the street from Octopus Books is an alley beside Mrs. Tiggly Winkle’s that has mural on both sides of the walkway. One side features a series of vibrant Russian dolls that will look good on anyone’s feed. I recommend wearing white or solid colours as to not clash with the very colourful art.

On the other side of the alley is this cute city scene. Bonus: it has a painted balloon you can get creative with.


There are so many artistic and Instagram worthy spots in Ottawa, why not take advantage of them! I hope my recommendations help give you a head start but I urge you to use a nice day and go exploring with a friend. Especially in the Glebe, almost every corner you turn there is another Instagram opportunity.


Sources: 1, 2, 3, all other pictures provided by Alexa Redford