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SOS, It’s that Time of Year Again… Prepping Your Social Media for the World to See

You have just received that dreaded phone call from your parents asking what your job plans are come May 1st. As the year unwinds and summer is just around the corner, the job hunt commences for students everywhere, some of those just looking for that part time job to pay for beers on the beach and others looking for something to pay the bills.

There is one thing that many young adults have been neglecting when applying for jobs in this day and age: social media appearance. CEO’s, headhunters, recruiters and hiring managers are now utilizing social media platforms to size up job candidates, as they are a more accurate way to depict the person behind the cover letter and resume.

So, finally after hours of sifting through job sites, you come across that perfect job you could actually see yourself doing and enjoying. Once you have sought out this position it is time to start applying, but first there is one thing you must complete to ensure the best possible candidacy: the impression you give to those looking to hire. There are a few quick steps to guarantee you will get that job you have been working towards.

1. Google Yourself

The first step to take is Googling your name to establish that those profiles on the Internet are in fact your own and not fake accounts. If it so happens there are fake profiles or accounts, report them immediately to have them removed before jeopardizing your career future.

2. Clean up Your Accounts

Next, is to cue the spring-cleaning and implement it to your social media. Start by removing all of those inappropriate photos, statuses, and comments you have posted for the world to see. Chances are if you would not want your mother to see it you probably do not want your future boss to either.

3. Check Your Privacy Settings

Utilizing the privacy settings these webpages have equipped you with can also enhance the chances that those photos or videos snapped of you reaching that 30-second mark of a keg stand cannot be viewed. By making your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as private as possible, anything you may have overlooked will not be found by those holding the fate of your employment at the click of their mouse.

4. Create a Professional Profile

Look at creating a professional profile. LinkedIn, Github, Quora or your own personal blog can demonstrate some of the accomplishments you have achieved for future employers to view. This demonstrates initiative and can allow those looking to hire further insight into the skills you hold as a job candidate.

5. Think Before You Post

Finally, think before you post. Even though it may seem like a good idea for the world to see how many Tequila Tuesday shots you can take, many of those in the business world do not admire such accomplishments. Keep those photos for friends and friends only.

Best of luck with the job search and clean up that social media ya filthy animal!


Photo: http://www.goodfellowcreative.com/socialmedia/

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