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Everything always feels so much more fun under the shining sun, and that includes listening to music. I love discovering new songs in the summer, and I often spend hours with music in the background while doing various chores and tasks. 

My music tastes vary—I basically listen to everything from classical to k-pop. Depending on my mood and the season, there are certain songs that get played more often than others. Looking back at all the incredible music I’m listening to this summer, I wanted to share some of my top songs of the season.

“That That” by PSY, prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS

This upbeat song is part of PSY’s newest album, PSY 9th. The music video features cowboys and western vibes, and the song just inspires a dance session. I must have watched the video a million times by now, and every time feels like the first time. “That That” feels like the perfect summer bop to me. It’s energizing and definitely earned its spot on my summer dance playlist.

“Left And Right” by Charlie Puth ft. Jungkook of BTS

This song is on the shorter side at about 2:35 minutes, but it’s filled with summer vibes. The song is about being so lovestruck that the thought of that person fills your head and follows you wherever you go. It’s more of a mellow summer song, but it has enough of a beat to it that it’s not depressing. On the contrary, “Left And Right” is the perfect song for singing out loud in the car on a summer road trip. 

“Good Boy Gone Bad” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER

“Good Boy Gone Bad” is part of the group’s latest album, Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. I’m a casual TXT listener, but I watched the music video one time, and this song quickly found its place in my playlists. The video itself is a work of art, and I definitely recommend you check it out. The song is fun and upbeat and one of my favourites to listen to when I need something exciting, like when I’m working out. 

“Love Story” by Indila

I’m big on romanticizing your life, and this song has made its rounds on TikTok and Instagram Reels as the background sound to many aesthetically pleasing and romantic moments. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel motivated to go out into the sun, hang out with people, and enjoy my summer as much as possible.

From this list, I think it’s probably pretty easy to tell who my favourite artists are. If you’ve never tried listening to K-Pop, or just BTS specifically, this might be your sign to give them a chance. It never hurts to try new things, and the results might end up surprising you. You never know—one of those songs just might end up on your summer playlist this year.

Sally Adil

U Ottawa '25

Sally is a third year Biomedical Science student at uOttawa. When she's not studying, she's reading romcoms and watching k-dramas.