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Snacks That’ll Keep You Awake, Full and Focused

There is nothing worse than falling asleep in a boring lecture and waking up to the sound of your stomach grumbling over your prof’s drowning voice. There’s an easy fix to falling asleep, fighting hunger and keeping focused in a boring lecture and it’s as simple as hitting three birds with one stone. Here are some easy (and healthy) snacks to keep you awake, satiated, and focused during your lectures!The first and most important part of choosing your in-class snacks, is to make sure they’re fairly long lasting. Don’t slap some cold-cut mystery meat between two pieces of plain bread: take the time to find something that you can nibble on for a while. The longer it lasts, the longer you last (if you have a three hour lecture, consider more than one snack). Next, make sure to have snacks that you can either assemble in class or have handful/pieces of. Small foods help keep those fingers busy and off your phone as well as keeping you awake. Here are four favourite Her Campus in-class snacks:

Apples & Cinnamon. Cut up a big apple into small pieces (roughly the size of a sugar cube) and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Apples keep the doctor away and cinnamon keeps the acne away! If they’re in season, try peaches and a little bit of brown sugar as a great substitute. (Tip: Don’t go heavy on the cinnamon: it can be overpowering. Better to have a little taste than to end up feeling like you just did the Cinnamon Challenge.) 

Healthy Cereal. Pour yourself some Special K, Whole Grain Cheerios, or Kashi. The small bits-and-bites will leave you with a high fiber, long lasting treat. Having those fingers busy and your jaw munching keeps you awake and alert. (Tip: Don’t buy cereals full of sugars. Yes, picking out the marshmallows from Lucky Charms can be appealing, but your body won’t thank you for it!)

Crackers, Cheese & Grapes. Having foods you need to assemble in class is great because instead of flipping through your social media or checking your email between taking notes, you can take the time to keep your hands focused on your delicious snack! Pack some low salt crackers, slices of your favourite cheese (buy a block and cut it up- it’s cheaper than pre-cut) and some juicy grapes and build yourself a tasty bite to eat! (Tip: Don’t try and assemble crackers and peanut butter- it’s way too messy!)

Veggies & Dip. Bring all the vegetables your heart desires and dip away into some low fat and low salt dip. It’s not only delicious and crunchy, but it’ll keep your body and skin healthy and happy. (Tip: Low fat and low salt salad dressing is usually a better substitute for cream heavy dips.)

Forget dozing off, checking your Facebook or Twitter feed! You’ll never have to worry about your stomach cutting off your prof’s lecture. Pack a healthy snack and you’ll be well on your way to great note taking and better grades. Happy munching!

Daughter, sister, student, friend. I have a fond love for good board games, napping and tea. I consider myself to be a professional apple cutter.
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