Snack Your Way Through Finals

Unfortunately, collegiettes, it’s that time in the semester where we all get taken over by stress and consume more coffee than is probably healthy. Yes, it’s time for final exams. A time when trying to find a seat in Morisset is like fighting for food in the Hunger Games. A time when you see fellow classmates pacing back and forth, studying notes, 30 minutes before an exam. A time when we no longer have a gym or hockey rink because they get turned into exam rooms. While having to deal with all of this, students often forget to eat healthy, grabbing snacks in between cram sessions or living on caffeine. Before you leave your residence room, apartment or house, throw these snacks in your bag to ensure that your body can be nourished while your mind is hard at work!


Unless you are allergic or intolerant to nuts, this snack is one of the best you can have. They are mess free, easy to throw in a bag or container and quick on the go. Nuts contain a lot of good fats and proteins, making them good study fuel for long sessions. If you don’t like to eat just nuts, try even a trail mix with some M&Ms in it!


I constantly have an apple in my bag! Grab an apple on the way out of the house and keep it in your bag for when you need it. While it’s not exactly the quietest snack, it is full of fiber and a little sweet to satisfy you. It also doesn’t need to be refrigerated or packaged, so there’s little to no thought needed for bringing it with you.


Need a drink that’s not water to study? While many turn to coffee (me), Red Bull, soda or tea, a smoothie is a great option to use as a substitute. Not only does it have fruit or vegetables in it, but it is way healthier than the fake sugar and high doses of caffeine that come in other drinks. If you don’t like to make smoothies, grabbing one at Booster Juice or Second Cup will help give you a little study break and an excuse to take a walk!


Need a way to motivate yourself to get through this chapter of notes? Try the gummy bear trick, but with chocolate! Dark chocolate is good for your heart and also has some caffeine in it to give you that kick to do the next chapter of work, next read through of notes or practice final. If you’re not the biggest fan of dark chocolate alone, get one that has something else in it. My personal favorite is the Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt or almonds in it – gives you that candy bar feeling but is way better for you.

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