She Has Her Life Together! Why Don't I?

For the last few years and especially the last few weeks and months I look at the people around me and see all sorts of people who have a lot on their plate but still somehow (seem to) have everything together. Of course its glaringly obvious when you look at social media (and I know this isn’t anything new) and you go through people’s instagrams and everyone looks so happy and look like they have everything figured out. You see people taking pictures of themselves smiling and eating out, or someone on their recent vacation to somewhere exotic, or someones perfectly arranged, neatly written and beautifully colour coded notes picture perfectly placed in their insanely neat study spaces. I know that these are just manipulations of what people want others to see, and most people will only post the good stuff because thats also what other people want to see because it is motivating and inspirational to see that but sometimes when your scrolling through countless pictures of people who seemingly have everything figured out you forget that this is not everyone’s reality 100% of the time, everyone is hiding something whether its a mental illness, difficult life decisions or just life's difficulties in general. This also applies to people in real life, again when you talk with others it seems like everyone has their lives all figured out, there are those graduating and going on to professional or graduate school while others have their dream job lined up for when they graduate and your still sitting here having no idea what your next step is let alone what your having for dinner tonight. 

You just have to remember that everyone is in fact dealing with something and not a single person has everything put together. And that’s just what real life is, if you could look past all the pictures on social media or have a true meaningful conversation with someone you will see all the life difficulties that they are going through, sure there are times where someone is truly having fun or feels like they have things put together and they post about it but remember that real life isn’t just unicorns and rainbows, real life is tough for everyone. 

You just have to remember that it’s YOUR LIFE it’s not supposed to look like anyone else's life. Though I wish more people would show others what their real life is truly like on social media so we dont feel so underachieved, incompetent and that our lives are not good enough this will probably never be a reality because again no one wants to see the bad things in life and its just not motivational, no one wants to be following a negative/pessimistic person.  Be who you really are and dont compare yourself to others, and sometimes it really helps to just get off social media and live your life and take things one step at a time.