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She Dines at Sidedoor

Are you looking for your next great meal and just happened to have gotten paid at work? Sidedoor should definitely be on the top of that list. Despite the higher prices of some of their menu items, its worth checking out if you are looking to explore new flavours and foods.

Thai Mexican fusion. At first that might not sound appealing to you, but trust me its a mixture of the best of both cultures and cuisines. Their menu ranges from tacos to a twist on dim sum and to main dishes that include everything from duck leg confit to butter poached lobster.

Each item is crafted where you can tell, and taste that the Chef has put careful thought into how everything is paired together. Designed for sharing, though the dishes may appear small, each dish packs enough punch and flavour to fill your satisfactions. And who doesnt want to have the chance to try more items on their menu? 

The variety of the food is endless. The dim sum for example includes a chef’s daily special, coconut poached scallops and Vietnamese salt and pepper calamari to name a few. If you feel like upping your veggie intake, the menu offers everything from a smashed cucumber salad, after frost slaw and russet potato fries.

This is definitely not the type of restaurant where you go to have a quiet meal by yourself. There is a constant level of high energy in the restaurant, whether you’re there for lunch or dinner you’ll never find Sidedoor empty. Whether sitting in the atrium or in the depths of the restaurant, the mood lighting and the echoes of neighbouring conversations simply add to the atmosphere that will leave you feeling fully content after your meal.

Let’s not forget about their tacos. There is a famous quote by from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ‘Though she may be little, she is fierce!’ This quote can be applied perfectly to the tacos at Sidedoor. Although they are small, they are perfectly cooked and loaded with flavour, serving everything from Bajan crispy fish, ancho pulled pork and Korean cauliflower. The chef’s special changes to whatever the executive chef may feel like putting on the menu. My last trip to Sidedoor included a smoked bacon taco – and no not like crispy breakfast bacon, think more thick pieces of smoked pork belly.

   The end all of all post-dinner donuts – served in three different ways: cinnamon sugar, white chocolate raspberry and Olivia dark chocolate. These miniature donuts will have you craving more the next day when you think back and remember these freshly and perfectly fluffy two-bite desserts. Each flavour is not extremely sweet, but will definitely hit that sweet spot youve been longing for. If youre heading to Sidedoor for dinner they also have a Chefs special which is constantly changing. To give you some idea, the last Chefs special donut I had at dinner was a Baileys filled white chocolate donut topped with chocolate cookie crumbles. Dont question the calories, sugar or carbs youre about to eat, just order the donuts and enjoy that complete level of satisfaction from a great meal.

 Want to save a little more money? Head to Sidedoor for lunch where you can get a soup, salad and taco deal for only $15!

Sidedoor has been able to fuse two vastly different cultural cuisines seamlessly. Not to mention that the chef of Sidedoor was on Top Chef Canada. Why drool over the food you see them cook on TV at home, when you can drool and enjoy at their restaurant on York Street in the Byward Market. Stop whatever youre doing and just go take a look at their menu, and be prepared to splurge a little on a good meal because youll be planning the next time youre dining out immediately.

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