Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT) Consulting Inc. Annual Case Competition: The First Step to Launching Your Career

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT) Consulting Inc. Annual Case Competition: The First Step to Launching Your Career

When I was an undergraduate student, I was always thinking about the endgame. I wanted to stand out from my fellow classmates, and acquire skills that would open doors to endless career possibilities. I sought opportunities around every corner; opportunities that fed my curiosity and helped me learn more about myself. These experiences highlighted both my strengths and weaknesses, and they taught me invaluable lessons about myself. These lessons also helped me reach the next level in my personal and professional life. A key take-away from my journey is that these opportunities are hard to find, and if they cross your path, you must seize them. Get involved, gain experience, network, learn from others, and try everything that sparks your curiosity. One opportunity that checks all of these boxes is the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT) Case Competition. Curious? Keep reading…

Case competitions are an excellent opportunity to gain experience, compete with and learn from your fellow peers, network with industry professionals and gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses. Case competitions allow you to showcase your critical thinking skills, creativity and resourcefulness to potential employers. These professionals can provide you with mentorship, insight into industry, and, if you’re fortunate, employment! Whether you study commerce, communications, engineering, technology, marketing, political science or any other field, your ability to write, think critically and communicate will allow you to excel in a case competition.

The RCGT Case Competition is a strategy-related competition for university students to gain insight into the field of management consulting and RCGT as a firm, in both areas of work and culture. On the work side of things, dealing with clients allows you to refine your skills in critical analysis, and hone in on your communication skills in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment. On the culture side of things, RCGT holds many social events, and its non-hierarchical culture affords you a voice to take leadership roles in initiatives that are, in many organizations, reserved for seasoned professionals. The RCGT Case Competition is an opportunity for any student to taste-test the field of consulting and RCGT as a firm. Sound interesting?

Here’s how the RCGT Case Competition works: Apply for the event via our online application portal. The application is an opportunity for us to get to know you. Share relevant details about yourself to help us decide whether you would be a good fit for the competition and for employment at our firm. We will then review all incoming applications and select 20 successful applicants for the competition.

On the first day of the event (November 8th, 2019), competitors will be invited to RCGT’s office space in Ottawa. Here, competitors will be placed into teams of four, meet with their teammates and network with RCGT over wine and cheese. Competitors, who will be staying at the Lord Elgin hotel, will return to RCGT’s office space on the morning of November 9th to commence the competition. The day will be filled with analysis of a real business challenge, collaboration with teammates to identify a creative solution to the challenge, and other team building and networking opportunities. After presenting to a panel of executives, an evening awards celebration gala will ensue, which includes announcement of the case competition winners. Trust me: this event is a good time!

Interested? Find out more about the RCGT Case Competition here and submit your application to take part in an initiative that will help you launch your career. Unlock your potential and discover the capabilities that can set you apart. It all starts here.

Yours Truly,

Alexa Naccarato

Recent RCGT Hire and Former Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus, uOttawa

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