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Profile: Esther Eruysal

Name: Esther Eruysal
Program: Biomedical Science – French Stream
Year of study: Third

Her Campus uOttawa: Where are you from?
Esther Eryusal: Welland, Ontario.

HCuO: What made you choose uOttawa?
EE: The fact that I could study my degree in French.

HCuO: What’s your favourite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?
EE: Cookie dough… because that’s mainly what I see in rom coms.

HCuO: Guilty Pleasure?
EE: Looking up really emotional videos on YouTube like marriage proposals or cat videos… anything that makes me cry when I’m stressed.

HCuO: Favourite social media outlet?
EE: Facebook because it’s original, you know?

HCuO: If you had a superpower, what would it be?
EE: I want to say eating food without gaining weight… does that count?

HCuO: What’s the most sentimental part of Ottawa for you?
EE: I’ve developed a life here. I’ve gotten involved in the Science Student Association, and it’s really like a family. I love the city life, it’s not too busy and it’s just so comfortable. I love Confederation Park, the canal. I just think it’s a beautiful city.

HCuO: How are you involved on campus?
EE: I’ve been the VP of Bilingual Affairs for two years now in the SSA. I’m also involved with the Rotaract club and we raise money for charities. We help out with many CHEO events, too. I actually volunteer there, too! I’m also just really proud of having first years recognizing me from 101 week and asking for help. It’s really rewarding to help people!

HCuO: You mentioned you volunteer at CHEO?
EE: Yeah! I love it so much. I volunteer in the Ronald McDonald family rooms and we supply dinners and a place away from the hospital atmosphere. I also screen people for the flue and I’m a volunteer Research Assistant at the Heart Institute.

HCuO: Where do you mostly shop?
EE: Oh my god I love thrift stores! *laughs*

HCuO: Three things that describe you?
EE: Thrift stores, mashed potatoes, and promposal videos.

HCuO: We all have our nerdy/dorky quirks, so what would yours be?
EE: My childhood was basically reruns of Golden Girls, so honestly I just love watching it! I also collect a lot of dessert-themed apparel like donut and cupcake shoes, purses, clothes, etc.

HCuO: Not to stress you out, but do you have any plans after university?
EE: Basically, I want to work in the healthcare field, preferably in hospitals to help people get better.

HCuO: You clearly love the life that you’ve created here, what do you think you’ll miss most when you graduate?
EE: I know and I hope I’ll keep in contact with the people I’ve met, but there’s always potential we’ll all go down different paths. It’ll be hard to talk to everyone like I used to, but at the same time I keep thinking of how amazing it’ll be to call each other up to come to our weddings or our baby showers! This is what I’ll miss most, the social life that I’ve become so connected to. I can find a job or another university, but I know I won’t be able find friends like these. 

Jesse Lesniowski, a 22 year-old student at uOttawa in the Environmental Science program. Loves writing, gardening, coffee, wine and making new memories.
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