Our Favourite Office Accessories

Many of us collegiettes take co-op terms or summer internships - or, of course, are about to graduate and enter real life. Getting the office wardrobe down is easy in terms of clothes - throw a blazer over pretty much anything and it become office-appropriate. But what about accessories? Frankly, my idea of a cute accessory is wooly socks folded over the tops of my rainboots. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly work appropriate - but if you’re like me, read on! I’ve done some digging and gathered together a list of awesome office accessories, so we can all look less like grungy students and more like chic young professionals.

One of the most obvious “student” accessory is, of course, the giant overstuffed backpack we all lug around campus. For an office environment, you should really avoid carrying a backpack - but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the space! Pick up a roomy laptop bag in a cute colour and you’ll have room for all of your important papers.

Another accessory to avoid in the office is the cutesy or jokey phone case. You know which ones I mean, the super glittery numbers and the meme cases! Instead, try a gorgeous leather wallet case so you can keep your cards and cash handy, or a sturdy but sleek metal case for optimal screen cracking prevention!

Most offices have some kind of coffee machine in the kitchen. I need multiple caffeine fixes per day, and I’m very clumsy, so the best solution for me was a travel mug with a lid. I actually have a few, but my favourite is the one below - because, after all, being the boss is my goal!

I have no idea why, but every office I have ever worked in has been Arctic Circle levels of freezing. For a summer internship, it’s not exactly feasible to wear layers on layers for your commute - so the best solution is keeping a huge scarf at your desk! Choose one in a neutral pattern so it goes with all your outfits - that way, you can wear it to all of your meetings too.

And finally, the sparkly stuff! Office jewelry is a little different than your typical boho school jewels. For necklaces, swap out your long dangling crystals spikes for a statement geode necklace.

A good rule of thumb for earrings is small and discreet - especially if you have more than one piercing in each ear. Personally, I wear plain pearl studs (fake, but no one can tell) in my lobe piercings and very small crystals in my cartilage piercings.

Last tip, and you’ll be set for the boardroom - switch out your Fitbit for an understated watch with a leather band and analog face. Instant professional!

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