Our Favourite Holiday Nail Looks

The presents are wrapped, the stocking are hung, the candles are lit, your perfect cozy outfit is chosen… what could be left to do for the holidays? Your holiday mani, of course! Stumped by your nails? Want to throw in some festive polish, but don’t know how? Well, don’t worry, Her Campus has got you covered, as always, collegiettes!

This glitter-tastic mani is perfect for a more low key hint of Christmas cheer! Not that it’s subtle or anything, but - well, just check out our next look to see what I mean.

See what I mean? These Christmas sweater nails are absolutely high key Christmas and super adorable - pair them with an actual Christmas sweater and you’re set!

Don’t celebrate Christmas? No worries, there’s plenty of cool Hanukkah manis to try out too! This hyper glittery look is the perfect accessory for any Hanukkah dinner look

Not into the whole excessive holiday cheer thing? Try this amazing vibrant snowflake mani instead - fits the wintery season without being too in your face!

For all of you super classy collegiettes, try this mani on for size - it still gives a nod to the season while matching all of your carefully considered winter looks!

And if nothing else here tickles your fancy and you’ve got some (read: a lot) of spare time, give this Da Vinci level winter mani a try! Your nails will definitely be the belle of the ball!

What do you think, collegiettes - would you give any of these manis a try? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter!


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