Our Favourite Beauty Youtuber: Claire Marshall

YouTube is a paradise for all things fashion and beauty. Whatever look you want to try, there’s an abundance of videos to help. This over-saturation of content can make finding a favourite YouTuber to follow very difficult, so this collegiette is here to help! The YouTuber I’m loving right now is Claire Marshall! She’s an L.A.-based freelance make-up artist turned tatted-up beauty vlogger whose polished bad girl look transcends all of her videos.

All of her videos are beautifully filmed and matched with cool music (perfect for updating the iTunes library). She presents her videos with a bubbly, sarcastically funny and laid-back personality, and is often accompanied by her sassy cat, Bruce.

Her main channel is filled with everything from beauty reviews, vlogs, tutorials, and lookbooks.

Let’s take a look at all things Claire Marshall!

Fashion LooksThis video gives collegiettes 5 perfectly autumnal (L.A. autumn) looks. A few things to take away from these L.A. inspired looks are the polished, edgy, and grunge vibes. These videos take lookbooks and make them an artistic minute of cool music and inspiring looks.Fall inspired looks

Face LooksPerfecting the age old Cat-Eye can be a daily conundrum. Luckily, Claire gives us a softer take on the classic Cat-Eye. It also leaves some room for errors with the smoky edge.Softly defined Cat-Eye

Reviews  & FavoritesSome of my favourite Claire Marshall videos are the beauty and skin care reviews and favourites! She mixes both high and low end products and gives them pretty up-front reviews.Monthly Make-up Favourites

Vanity and Make-up Collection to die for:This video is every beauty addict’s version of porn. Her amazingly and enviable make-up collection is organized flawlessly into her vanity and vintage tool chest.Vanity Tour

Claire’s videos are the perfect break for battling the midterm exam stress. Her awesome style and carefree attitude are a perfect inspiration for any collegiette looking to grunge up their look.

Subscribe to her main channel here

Also check out her perfectly, aesthetic Instagram here!

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