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Ottawa Wine & Food Festival: 30 and Fabulous

Wine, bourbon, gin, amazing food and did I mention wine? All ingredients for an unforgettable weekend and boy did the Wine & Food Festival deliver!

We’ve already covered what the three-day affair was all about here, but let me give you the inside scoop for those who couldn’t make it this year, because let’s be honest, a lot was happening this Halloween weekend and even I couldn’t do it all. Unfortunately, if you didn’t choose the Wine & Food Festival, well I have to be blunt, you chose wrong!

The ambiance was fabulous. Although it was a busy weekend, the atmosphere was light, cheerful and comfortable. The Shaw Centre was a fantastic venue due to its convenient location and high ceilings to appease any claustrophobic. Saturday was quite eccentric with attendees dressed in costumes, some wearing scary contacts, to make it all the more fun.


There really is nothing more enjoyable than tasty food, great drinks with even better company. If there’s one thing the Wine & Food Festival achieved, it was to feature amazing vendors followed by a fun crowd to make an all round unforgettable experience.

I was lucky enough to have Sebastian Winkler, a somewhat subject-matter expert, on scene with me so I wouldn’t miss any of the delicacies offered on site.

  • Caviar? Check.
  • Angostura Rum? Oh yes.
  • Ice wine shot in chocolate? I’m still not over it.

But overall, both Sebastian and I fell in love with Greece when it came to the wine!

Kolonaki Group

I loved all the Kolonaki Group wines, but my favourite was the Eradus Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It tasted like no other white wine I’ve ever had before. Their tasting note describes it best, “fairly pungent and herbal upfront, but then delivers waves of passion fruit”. Sharp and full-bodied? Definitely my type.

Sebastian’s favourite drink, because a male’s perspective is always appreciated, was the Flor de Caña rum from Nicaragua. A rum aged 15 years, which was “spicy, sweet with a pleasant yet tingly after taste.” So boys, you know what to get during your next weekly LCBO visit.

Still, the Ottawa Wine & Food Festival found ways to make the event even more exciting and surprising. An oxygen bar was on scene for those who wanted to take a 5-10 minute break to literally take a breath of fresh air before continuing the tasting feast. Not to mention we got to try some pretty funky drinks, such as Banana Bread and Dark Chocolate beer!

It was a fabulous 30th birthday for the Food & Wine Festival, and I can certainly drink to many more. Cheers! 


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