No Shave November

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time of year has come upon us! It’s No Shave November, also known as Movember, or Sexy-Facial-Hair-Month. Yeah, here at HC uOttawa, we kind of have a thing for beards and man buns, so when November rolls around each year, we like to keep our eyes peeled for the newly sprouting hotties.

What’s the point of No Shave November? Once a year, men and woman all over the world grow out their facial hair to raise money for men’s health: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. Basically, we watch boys go from their larva stage, into their hunky manly man stage. 

The rules are simple! Have a cleanly shaved face as of November 1st, and grow that bad boy out until the end of the month. The idea is people will ask questions as to why you’ve decided to change your face so drastically with that caterpillar above your lip and you can spark a conversation about men’s health and as a result, they donate! You can raise money by going to the Movember website and signing up as a Mo Bro or Mo Sista; you can even sign up as a community, work place, or a university.

The University of Ottawa and PartiParty are holding a Movember Photo Contest wherein you can submit photos of you and your mustache with the hashtags #uomo and #partiparty once a week based on the theme assigned and winners will be given prizes!

Why should you take part, aside from to obvious? Well it's scientifically proven that when you grow facial hair, you become hotter. Serisouly. Check out this study to find out more.

I guess all that's left is for you to get growing.