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The New Snapchat Update: Why It’s Ballin’


If you haven’t downloaded the Snapchat app yet, you’re seriously missing out. I mean, a couple months ago, I could have said: “Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal. You can live without Snapping”. But now? Nuh-uh girl. Get your life together. Snapchat just got a kick-ass update and it’s just been killing it.

Pre update: Snapchat was awesome.

It let you take pictures, choose a freaking filter (For real?! I can look kind of good in this Miley tongue out Snap?? Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits!!), and write some hilarious caption and send it off to selected friends, or your story. My one-liner wittiness has really stepped up its game thanks to Snapchat.

Then, the geniuses at Snapchat started sending stories to everyone about the coolest events. Things like art shows, sporting events, kite flying in India; this stuff is so epic. Some of us would never experience this in our lives and now we have.

Here’s what some of our writers have said about their pre-update Snapchat love.

“It’s a great way to A. keep in touch with friends, and B. piece together your own night (I added myself on Snapchat and drunk me likes to remind sober me of all the fun adventures we had…this can be dangerous though).” –Paulina Van Schaik

“Snapchat is one of those picture-sending apps where you want to take a picture of something but it’s not quite important enough for Facebook or Twitter but you still want everyone to know about” –Mike Wong

“It’s the best way for me to keep my friends updated on my cat’s adventures” –Kristen Cave


Post update: Snapchat is the tits.



They’ve teamed up with the Food Network, People Magazine, Vice News, MTV, Cosmopolitan Magazine, CNN and more! These other companies now have their own mini Snaps, articles and videos that refresh daily! This is called the Discover page (Insert ooohs and aahhhhs). If you flip (moving your finger from right to left) passed your story page, they’re all there. You select one (you don’t have to hold it down the whole time like a regular Snap) and then flip through what they’re offering for the day. I kid you not; it’s everything you need to know for the day. You can find out the latest news, the juiciest celebrity gossip, and then even get a recipe for dinner.

Here is some post-update feedback from our staff:

“I honestly miss not being able to see other people’s ‘best friends’. Brings down the social media creeping game.” –Jocelyn Courneya

“…I must admit that I love the updates, not seeing the ‘best friends’ is way better. You don’t feel your always in competition with others.” –Gloria CP

“I have to say I’m a complete Snapchat addict. I’ll spare you the details of my Snapchat score, but I’m a huge fan of the videos. I go all out, drawings and everything.” –Bunmi Adesanya

I personally have always loved Snapchat to keep in touch with my sister (who lives in another country), and to make fun of my mom’s hilarious pics. What do you love most about it?



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