Netflix Movies to Watch Featuring Your Favourite TV Stars

Are you one of those people who can never quite make up their mind when it comes to what to watch on Netflix? What starts out as a simple plan to pass the time (and probably procrastinate doing an assignment or another reading) leads to endless amounts of scrolling through the “New Releases” or “Trending Now” categories until you end up re-watching your favourite series for the 15th time. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this method, this article is for the readers looking to expand their Netflix consumption beyond Friends and The Office. Plus, the nice thing about watching movies is that you don’t get sucked into a 7 season binge right before finals!

TV Show You Love: The Office

Movie You Should Watch: The Hollars

The premise of the movie according to IMDB is “Aspiring NYC artist John Hollar returns to his middle America hometown on the eve of his mother's brain surgery. Joined by his girlfriend, eight months pregnant with their first child, John is forced to navigate the crazy world he left behind as his dysfunctional family, high school pals, and over-eager ex flood back into his life ahead of his mother's operation.”

I love The Office and even more than that, I love Jim Halpert aka John Krasinski (sorry Emily Blunt). Krasinski not only stars in the film, but he also produced this movie so it’s got to be great right? The cast of The Hollars is packed with other well-known stars like Anna Kendrick, Richard Jenkins and Randall Park (who played “Asian Jim” in The Office). This movie looks like a feel-good comedy, perfect to watch with friends or by yourself when you need a pick me up.

TV Show You Love: Friends

Movie You Should Watch: Friends With Money

The premise of the movie according to Netflix is “As four Los Angeles friends – three married, one single – move from one group event to the next, financial differences begin to take their toll.”

So many university students have personally dealt with some sort of financial struggles. As we and our friends move from being students to the next stage in our lives at our own paces, it can be a very weird time in our lives. This movie, featuring the beloved and very talented Jennifer Aniston, gives us some serious Friends vibes in this funny movie about friendship, finances and all of the challenges of adulting. 

TV Show You Love: How to Get Away with Murder (or any Shondaland show)

Movie You Should Watch: Lila & Eve

The premise of the movie according to IMDB is “Lila, a grief-stricken mother reeling from her son's murder, attends a support group where she meets Eve, who urges her to take matters into her own hands to track down her son's killers. They soon embark on a journey of revenge, but also recovery.”

Viola Davis is the queen of every screen she graces. Jennifer Lopez has solidified herself as being a dynamic, talented actress who knocks every role she takes on, regardless of genre, out of the park. Put these two stars on screen together and you’re going to have a bad-ass female feature film. Dealing with issues of loss, violence and female solidarity, this movie is absolutely on my Netflix list to watch as soon as my next essay has been handed in.

Happy watching readers!

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