National Tortilla Chip Day

With Cinco de Drinko Mayo around de corner I'm not going to lie that tortilla chips and margs have been on my mind. Those little golden fried triangles are the modern day equivalent of ambrosia. Freaking delicious. In honour of National Tortilla Chip Day I have amassed a few inpirational, yet quirky and fun, facts about our beloved torilla chip. 

1. The tortilla chip is most commonly served with salsa, chille con queso, guacamole, cheese or other dips. 

2. Tortilla chips have typically always been considered a Mexican food (aka tostados) but they were actually first mass-produced in Los Angeles in the late 1940s. 

3. The inventor of tortilla chips was probably Jose Martinez of San Antonio, Texas. According to the book Taco USA, Martinez invented mass-produced masa, which is the type of flour tortillas are made out of. One good ol’ morning, he found himself with lots of extra masa, so he decided to cut it up and toast the pieces into chips. Best. Day. Ever.

4. Back in 2003, the state of Texas made tortilla chips and salsa the state’s official snack. A group of elementary school students came up with the idea when they realized their state had been existing without a state snack since 1845?! Afterall, what other food item would you pair alongside the state pepper (jalapeno), the state dish (chili), and the state fruit (grapefruit)? 

5. Tortilla chips are naturally gluten free!

6. Tortilla chips are Jennifer Aniston’s favourite snack, and Kristen Stewart loves tortilla soup so much, she shared her recipe with Vogue.

7. February 24th is also the Academy Awards ceremony! Grab your favourite salsa-scooping device to celebrate the washed-up elitist event!

8. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. This delicious holiday always falls on February 24, so get your chips before Sunday to take full advantage. 

9. Another popular dish made with tortilla chips is nachos. 

10. According to the good people of Reddit, the best nachos in Ottawa can be found at Corazon De Maiz

11. The word tortilla comes from the Spanish “torta,” meaning “round cake.”

12. According to legend, a Mayan peasant invented the tortilla to feed his hungry king. 

13. The largest tortilla chip ever made weighed 110 lbs (!!!) and was around 32 sq ft!!! 

14. What not to order at a mexican restaurant if you’re on a diet : tortilla chips. These golden babies are considered the most fattening item sold in Mexican restaurants with as much as 2 grams of fat per chip. 

15. Daily inspo quote: “Why is it so hard to find an exercise bike with a basket for my tortilla chips?” -Roseanne Barr 

16. The rest is history. 



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