My First Month Back at School: A Story in GIFs

September has come and gone in the blink of an eye. The first month of school is always full of highs and lows as everyone tries to get back into the routine of things. Being a fourth year student, I should be used to starting school, but I think everyone experiences at least some of these road bumps. Check out a summary of my month, told through GIFS- because sometimes a GIF is worth a thousand words. Enjoy!


Packing the car to head back up to Ottawa:

Going out for my last parent paid meal:

Realizing I’m getting old because I would rather have a wild game night than a wild clubbing night:

Studying for the LSAT while all my friends are out having lives:

Waking up for my 8:30 class the first week of school:

Waking up for my 8:30 class the second week of school

Eating pasta for the 5th day in a row because I don’t want to trek to the grocery store:

Procrastinating on homework by going on Tinder:

Seeing the number of pages my assigned readings are:

Bringing Pedro home #uottawa #hoco:

Trying to figure out how it’s already October: