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My Fave lululemon Collection Pieces

I’ve recently started a fitness journey and have been SUPER into athleisure. That being said, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at lululemon for clothes (RIP to my bank account). This week I’ll take you through my favourite pieces and what I think are the ultimate clothes that are worth the splurge.

1. Align Pants

Although they’re not meant for working out, these pants are buttery soft and suck you right in. These are my favourite everyday leggings and I’ve purchased three pairs over the last few years just because of how much I love them. At $98 CAD, they’re pricey but will save you paying $30-$40 per pair on cheap ones every few months because these babies last.

2. Fast and Free Tight 7/8

These leggings run a little higher at approx. $128 CAD. HOWEVER, these pants have POCKETS…yes, you read that right! These are my favourite for hot yoga, spin classes, or just running around because they are super slimming and sweat-wicking. You need these.

3. On the Fly Pant

Yes, I know this is the third pair of pants I’ve talked about but you seriously need these too. They are super slimming and comfy. These pants could be used for a workout, a nice dinner, errands/class, you name it and you could wear them. If anything lives up to its name, it’s these guys.

4. The Essential Tank

Okay but it literally says it in the name. This tank is SUPER versatile and is only $48 CAD. Wear it to the gym or just with a cute pair of pants or shorts. Personally, I want it in every colour. I’ve been wearing mine with a cardigan thrown over top or under a light jacket.

5. Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

I have this shirt in black and I wear it to work out, on runs, underneath my scrubs, going out and about, and just when I’m having a lazy day at home. Every girl (or guy) needs a flattering and everyday long sleeve and this is it. This shirt is more expensive at $78 CAD but when you’re getting so much use out of it, it’s so worth it!

6. Scrunchies!!!!

Last but not least, I couldn’t not talk about some sort of accessory. The lululemon scrunchies have been such a game changer. They come in so many colours and do such a good job at keeping your hair back. They’re also super cute. Although they are $8-12, they are addicting and a great staple item.

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