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Motivational Quotes from Your Fave Shows

Even though Hollywood is known for over-exaggerating almost every scenario, there are moments that you can’t help but feel inspired by what your favourite actors are saying. Doesn’t it just feel like they’re speaking right at you sometimes? If you’re feeling kind of low because of midterms and the consistently dreary weather and are in need of some motivation around this time of the year; you came to the right place. And afterwards, why not treat yourself to a well-deserved break from your regularly scheduled responsibilities and curl up with a good book or your latest Netflix binge?

1. Grey’s Anatomy

In our really busy lives, even though we are almost always on our phones, it can be easy to let communication slip. So this is a reminder to reschedule brunch with your BFF you haven’t seen in a few weeks, call your parents or even tell your roommate how much you appreciate them cleaning up the kitchen. Small actions can go a long way.

2. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Sometimes we all just need to hear some encouragement from our favourite TV uncle – Uncle Phil. He always had a way of staying calm when it came to his children and nephew Will. If there is one man who could help you out of a university stress induced slump, it would probably be him.

3. Gilmore Girls

This one is a reminder for all you procrastinators out there. With midterms coming up, it’s time to log off of Instagram and focus on your textbooks. Reading week is coming up soon, which means there will be plenty of opportunities later on to look put together. Right now, who cares if you look like a hot mess? What’s on the inside matters more anyway.


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