Meet the HCuO Team: Monica Boudreau and Jaclyn Friedlich

Name: Monica Boudreau      
Program and Year: Major in Communication and Minor in Business Administration, 4th year
Hometown: Dieppe, NB
Position: Head of Events

Name: Jaclyn Friedlich
Program and Year: Communication – 4th Year
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Position: Director of Small Scale Events

(Left: Monica, Right: Jacylyn) 

Her Campus uOttawa: What led you to choose your program of study?
Monica Boudreau: I choose to pursue a degree in Communication because it allows me to keep all my options open. I originally wanted to study fashion in NYC, but decided to go for a communication degree, which broadens my opportunities.
Jaclyn Friedlich: I chose to pursue a degree in Communication because it was a program that would allow to me enter a career in both advertising and public relations. I also needed a program that has a creative element.

HCuO: What made you apply to be a part of Her Campus?
MB: I joined Her Campus uOttawa after hearing about their annual charity fashion show. Ottawa has a small fashion community, so I felt like this was the best way to get involved and grow my network.
JF: I applied to be apart of the Her Campus uOttawa team at the beginning of second year. Living at home did not allow me the opportunity to make a lot of new friends; therefore, I thought joining a team like Her Campus would be a great way to meet new people.

HCuO: Have you ever faced any difficulties in your role?
MB: Difficulties? Isn’t that what event planning is all about? It’s rare that an event unrolls without a glitch, and Capital Catwalk was no different. Two days before last year’s fashion show, we found out that we needed to find eight new hair stylists. (Shout-out to my awesome team of interns for keeping me sane during those days)
JF: There have not been a ton of specific difficulties that come with my role; however, it can be stressful. When planning events there are a lot of details that occur last minute, which can cause some nerves, as well as stress. 

HCuO: Where will we mostly find you on campus and why?
MB: I am usually studying on the third floor of Morisset. For some reason, I always find friends from New Brunswick on this floor and it’s nice to see familiar faces and hear the Acadian accent.
JF: You will most likely be able to find me in FSS doing work or taking a break between classes. I situate myself there because I enjoy the natural lighting and the atmosphere. Also, the little café in FSS has the best snacks, and their croissants are a must have!

HCuO: What is your life motto?
 “Do it with passion or not at all."
JF: Carpe diem (seize the day). I am a strong believer that you have to take advantage of everyday you are given. Most of my opportunities have occurred when I least expected them to. When you meet someone, network with them. Always work hard and be confident because you never know what opportunity may come your way.

HCuO: What is the first thing that you will do after graduation?
JF: I plan on not setting my alarm and sleeping for as long as I can (can adults do that?). In all seriousness, I hope to attend graduate school next fall. In the summer, I plan to work and hopefully do a little travelling.
MB: I’ll be joining Jaclyn! In all seriousness, I want to travel some more. I’ve seen most of Europe, but would like to visit South-East Asia and South America.

HC: By the way, how did you ladies meet? What made you grow closer together?
JF: Monica and I met in one of our first year communication classes through a mutual friend; however, we only became friends in second year after joining Her Campus. Also, travelling together at the end of second year definitely made us even closer than we were before.
MB: We definetely grew closer together through Her Campus.

HCuO: What is your favorite memory shared together?
My favourite memory with Monica occurred when we were on exchange together. We had flown into Rome, and out of Amsterdam. When we were flying out of Amsterdam, Monica was ahead of me in the passport control line, and flagged me to come and join her. It turns out, our passports were never stamped in Rome, and we had been in Europe illegally for the six weeks. We were then brought to immigration to prove our identities and the date we entered Europe. Eventually, we were free to go get in line to board our plane back to Canada. It was the perfect way to end our adventurous trip to Europe! 
MB: This is a tough question. One of my favourite memories occurred while we were on exchange together last summer. I am the biggest chocolate lover and I dragged her along with me to different chocolate factories in Switzerland and Belgium. Jac is anaphylactic to nuts (aka could not sample any of the chocolate), so I always had double the samples. It was heaven! 


Sources: Pictures were provided by Monica Boudreau and Jaclyn Friedlich.